2015 Fall gadget giveaway

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To celebrate Fall, we present the Gadgeteer’s 2015 Fall gadget giveaway! One lucky person will win a huge prize pack of 12 prizes. So click through to read the details on the prizes and to submit your entry for a chance to win them!

1 person will win a prize pack consisting of 1 of each of the 12 products shown below:


Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Earbuds
Wireless sports earbuds with premium sound, secure fit and integrated training app to enhance any sport.

  • Perfect secure fit
  • Rain and sweat resistant
  • Premium stereo sound
  • Reflective cord makes you more visible when running at night
  • Rapid charging
  • Integrated training app
  • Available in Red, Yellow and Blue

Price: $99.99
Website: jabra.com


Booze Joulies
Booze Joulies are stainless steel shells that contain a proprietary blend of food-grade liquids that freeze below the freezing point of water, making them literally colder than ice.

  • Cools your favorite beverage without watering it down
  • Ready to use after a few hours in the freezer
  • Reusable
  • 6 joulies included in a set

Price: $24.95
Website: www.joulies.com


House of Marley: Chant Sport
House of Marley’s first eco-conscious water-resistant Bluetooth ® speaker 

  • Engineered to float, the cylindrical speaker features a 4.5 watt 360° sound chamber for big and bold sound
  • Rated IPX7 for the ultimate water protection up to 1m
  • Shaped liked a water bottle to easily fit a water bottle cage or average cup holder
  • Made of recycled blended bio-plastic, silicone and recyclable aluminum housings for the eco-conscious consumer
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless playback with A2DP Mono Audio
  • Built-in microphone transforms speaker to hands-free speakerphone
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of wireless play time
  • Includes carabineer clip for portability
  • Available in Midnight

Price: $119.99
Website: www.thehouseofmarley.com


Kinivo: URBN
Perfectly giftable Bluetooth headphones that block out the clammer of the city so you can enjoy your music in style

  • Focused on style, comfort and value
  • Affordable price and small size makes it easy to give the gift of music this holiday
  • Designed for wireless stereo listening and hands-free calls while on-the-go
  • Features Bluetooth 4.0 with NFC for easy one touch paring
  • Premium 40mm drivers deliver full range of high definition sound
  • Adjustable headband with plush protein leather ear pads for fatigue free listening
  • Designed for ultra-portability with a foldable band and carrying case
  • Playback/ hands-free calling controls and audio jack for unpowered wired use.
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life

Price: $99
Website: www.Kinivo.com


Big Idea Design: Ti Classic Pen
Solid Titanium click pen

  • The most refill friendly titanium click pen ever made
  • Made from TA2 Titanium
  • 3 Anti-slip finger grooves
  • Titanium pocket clip (keeps the pen in place & from rolling off your desk)
  • Every pen comes with a high quality felt pen sleeve

Price: $89.00
Website:  www.bigidesign.com


Blue Line Innovations: PowerCost Monitor with Wi-Fi Bridge and Sensor
Wireless, portable, real-time energy reporting device for the home and small business

  • Enables personal real time electricity data to be fed to smartphone and web applications for anytime/anywhere access
  • Learn how and where you are using electricity in the home to make informed decisions to reduce usage and cost
  • Track your current and historical electricity usage
  • PC and Mac compatible with wireless configuration
  • Advanced data analytics, appliance level energy data, energy budgets and alert engines
  • Works with popular energy-saving iPhone apps including: PlotWatt, PeoplePower, myFreeMonitor and Bidgely

Price: $179.00
Website: www.BlueLineInnovations.com


Lemur Monitors: BlueDriver
Turn your smart device into a professional-grade auto diagnostics tool

  • Allows users to wirelessly diagnose and monitor their vehicles performance
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes without having to spend money at the mechanic
  • Download the free BlueDriver app and plug in the BlueDriver – it’s that easy!
  • Generate vehicle specific information such as code definition, possible causes and repair recommendations
  • Check for whether or not your vehicle is ready for local emissions test
  • BlueDriver is the first line of defense for today’s mechanic
  • Affordable diagnostic tool for that fits in your pocket
  • Works with all makes and models (sold in U.S. and Canada) that are 1996 or newer
  • Pairs via Bluetooth with Apple devices (running iOS 7.0+) and Android devices (running Android 4.0+)

Price: $99.95
Website: www.lemurmonitors.com


Audiofly: AF33
Award-winning earphone captures the detail in music and performs flawlessly

  • Custom voiced 9mm dynamic driver delivers detailed sound reproduction across the entire sonic spectrum. Available in Piano Black, Snare White, Kingswood Blue or Coral color options
  • Clear-Talk Microphone located on the cable allows users to answer phone calls and change or pause songs
  • Conveniently packaged with three sets of noise isolating silicon ear tips and stylish storage cases. AF56 & 78 come with additional foam ear tips
  • AF45, 56 and 78 designed with proprietary Audioflex braided cable made with a CORDURA fabric outer sheath for outstanding durability

Price: $22
Website: www.audiofly.com


Compact, water resistant Bluetooth speaker blasts your jams with backup battery bank for your phone

  • BRAVEN gives outdoor enthusiasts 12 hours of music for any outdoor adventure, no matter how wet and wild
  • IPX7 Water-resistant ratedspeaker is also shock absorbent, ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Palm-sized speaker delivers high fidelity sound with 6w of power and speakerphone function for hands-free calls
  • Battery power bank (1400mAh) means you can charge your phone from anywhere

Price: $99.99
Website: www.braven.com


Boogie Board Jot 4.5
Ultra-portable eWriter is the perfect assistant for the on-the-go mom weighing less than 2 ounces

  • Easily jot down notes, like messages for the family, a shopping list for the store or the to-do list for the day ahead
  • 4.4 inch scratch-resistant plastic LCD screen provides a natural and authentic writing surface that replicates the experience of writing on paper
  • Small form factor fits easily inside your car, pocket, purse or bag
  • Doubles as an activity for your kids when you aren’t using it so they can draw or play a game like tic-tac-toe with a friend
  • One-press erase button conveniently clears the screen
  • Available in Red, Pink, Blue and Gray

Price: $14.99
Website: http://www.myboogieboard.com/na/products/boogie-board-jot-4.html


Small device turns any car into a smart car with apps for safety, entertainment, engine diagnostics and more

  • Easy installation: Insert into the car’s data port and Vinli will activate in seconds
  • Services: From routine maintenance notifications to roadside assistance, Vinli Services include:
    eCall: Send automatic text or voice notifications when involved in a collision
    My Service Shop: Keeps track of maintenance milestones so you don’t miss your next check up
    Roadside Assistance: From flat tires to directions when you’re lost Vinli ensures you get help quickly
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi: Backed by T-Mobile, stream movies for the kids or turn any seat into a mobile office with average speeds of 30 MB up/down
  • Apps: Vinli’s open-sourced platform allows developers to create new apps that improve the driving experience. Apps include:
    Dash: Tracks driving to provide personalized analytics for safety, savings, and social integration
    Beagle: Monitor whether your teen is speeding and create custom location zone alerts
    Lock and Key: Know where your car is in real-time. With the press of a button notify authorities if your car has been stolen
  • Accessibility: Works on any car model manufactured after 1996 or diesel cars with an accessible OBD II port.

Price: $149.99
Website: http://www.vin.li/


eyeSight Technologies: singlecue
singlecue connects and controls entertainment media and smart home devices using simple touch-free gestures

  • Eliminating the need for multiple remotes, apps and wires, singlecue consolidates the control of home devices into a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Using hand tracking and gesture recognition technology, singlecue translates motions into wireless commands that control TVs, cable boxes, smart home thermostats and more
  • Select items with the flick of a finger, turn on the device by closing and opening the palm, and mute the system by placing a finger to the lips, in a “shush” motion
  • When paired with the singlecue repeater, singlecue can control devices inside cabinets or in adjacent rooms
  • Through the singlecue iOS and Android app, device setup is quick and easy while still allowing for a high level of customization, including turning on the television, cable box and stereo simultaneously
  • Supported devices include: TV, cable box, DVD player, Apple TV, Nest thermostat and more

Price Range: $199
Website: http://www.singlecue.com/

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 10/21/2015 midnight EST leave a comment on this page telling me what type of reviews you love to read and what types of reviews you hate to read. For example:
“I love journal and notebook reviews, but I hate iPhone case reviews”  Feel free to be as detailed as you like. I will use this info to help make the site better for everyone.

Get a 2nd bonus entry by tweeting:
Win a giant prize pack of 12 gadgets from @thegadgeteer http://wp.me/p3LRkH-MIh

Make sure you come back to this page and leave a 2nd comment with a link to your tweet.

2. At some point on 10/22/2015, I’ll pick 1 random winner using random.org. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to claim their prizes. If I do not receive an answer to my emails in that time period, I’ll do other random.org drawings till the prizes are gone.


1. Only one entry per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Gadgeteer writers and family members may not enter this contest.

3. the-gadgeteer.com is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

4. the-gadgeteer.com is not responsible for the winner not accepting their prize offer within 48hrs. The winner will be posted on this contest page, in the contest page  comment section and will be emailed. Check your spam folder.

5. Winner must have a US shipping address.

Update 10/22/15:

The winner of this contest is comment #20 from Michael M. Congrats to Michael and thank you to everyone who entered and especially the sponsors who provided the prizes.


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  2. I like reading reviews of gadgets, android apps, electronic items etc, but hate (actually skip, hate is too strong a word!) reviews about bags.

  3. I adore “container” reviews – bags, wallets, anything like that, as well as EDC items. I do not read anything relating to Bluetooth, though. I still have an old-fashioned 2007 iPod Classic and do not use my phone for music, so streaming from my phone to anything (including my Ford vehicle) just isn’t something I do. Thanks for this contest!

  4. I enjoy the reviews of accessories and android-related things, but don’t have any use for iPhone accessory reviews or Apple products.

  5. I like the “dump my bag” segments. I travel quite a bit and it is always interesting to know what folks who gets to try all kinds of tools decide to carry. Thanks for helping me stay updated.

  6. I love the phone and tablet revews. With all the choices out there, I need all the opinions and data I can get. And they’re a big investment either in cost or length of ownership, so it’s worth it.

    I dislike the wallet and pocket gadget reviews. I just don’t buy these kinds of things so they’re not useful to me.

  7. I like tech comparison reviews of all kinds but I hate reviews that offer no alternative to a bad brand or tech item

  8. I love reviews of new and interesting products, or different unusual products. I hate me too reviews, reviewing something that 300 other people have reviewed basically stating the same thing as everyone else.

  9. I love the reviews of any Ipad Stylus, speakers or off-the-wall items. Not too keen on Moleskine products or Android-related stuff (pro-Iphone).

  10. I love reviews on interesting/unique tech and gadgets, but I hate reviews on boring bland tech that may help your daily life but I don’t find all that interesting.

  11. I am always reading reviews on apps, especially for my android. I am trying to stay on top of new reviews on android phones to make my new purchase. Reviews on products that are outdated are of new use. I love hearing about the latest and greatest.

  12. I enjoy “gadget” reviews. I ignore reviews or articles that are not gadget-related, for instance, paper Halloween masks (or perhaps I just don’t see the connection to gadgets).

  13. I guess it really depends on what I’m in the market for. When I’m buying a tablet or laptop, I’ll read tons of reviews on those. I don’t care for reviews that feel forced like childrens toy reviews. I just want to know facts not see lots of pictures with the reviewer’s kids playing with it.

  14. Like: Connected Home, Gadget/EDC (except writing instruments for some reason)
    Don’t like: iPhone (6-android house), mobile device cases
    Painful: Bags – Love ’em but can’t afford any more after my Saddlebag and Waterfield

  15. I love reading reviews on audio equipment as I’m particularly partial to headphones and speakers. I enjoy hearing about the latest audio gear.
    I hate reading reviews on baggage equipment. It seems out of place on a gadget website.

  16. I love your reviews of anything technology and appliance related (think vacuum cleaners when thinking appliance-related).

    I love it when you introduce us to new items we have not heard of, inspiring purchases.

    I have never been turned off by any of your reviews, even for the stuff I have no interest. Keep up the good work.

  17. Hi,

    I have bought many of your reviewed products. I particularly love new android device reviews (Julie’s LG G3 review pushed me over the edge into a purchase), I’m looking forward to your take on the LG V10. I also love bluetooth stereo headsets (IEM, over the ears and on) and have purchased a number of this sites reviewed entries. I don’t dislike anything here, but I’m not an Apple user, so don’t love the MAC OS and HW reviews.

  18. I like phone camera reviews,laptop reviews, and gps reviews. I don’t like regular phone reviews and speaker reviews.

  19. I have learned through the years that your crew’s reviews are some of the most unbiased and reliable to be found. Plus, you review gear that I might actually buy!

  20. I like anything leather, and heads-ups for new Kickstarter campaigns, though the latter need to be pretty timely if I want to catch an earlybird reward. I’m not particularly interested in Bluetooth speakers.

  21. I love reviews that are brief and to the point (whatever they are reviews of); I hate reviews where I suspect that the reviewer is getting something in return for the review. I also like reviews of things I didn’t know existed but would be happy to know exist (and are cool).

  22. I love reviews about new tech and gadgets. I also love reviews about bags – I’m a bit of an addict. Not really anything I don’t like – I’m not much of a work-out warrior – so I usually skip the exercise related posts.

  23. I am a fan of most all of your reviews. I love gadgets and love when you review new and different items. I usually skip over clothing unless it looks really interesting. Thanks for your honest reviews.

  24. Love the home improvement stuff. I’m still looking for the just-right security camera system, so keep those coming. I also love the quirky and strange – always amazed at what people can come up with.
    Never knew there were so many earbuds and headphones, can they really be so different? I skip over those.

  25. I like as many Android reviews as there are iPhone reviews. Anything tech is what I look to you for. I love the actual usage reviews which contain the day to day highs and lows of using a product.

  26. I love reviews on all types of gadgets plus cases/bags/clothing. I am not interested in any kind of moleskin reviews.

  27. GOOD question! I like reviews on wallets, pens, headphones…. everyday use kinda thinks…Bluetooth speakers too if you add specs to the review.

    What I could do without is odd TV gadgets and fold-up key-rings.

  28. I love Julie’s smartphone reviews as well as all the audio reviews – particularly Bill Henderson’s but I don’t love all the headphone reviews. There are just too many of them.

  29. Love the reviews of what others would consider off the beaten path items. So fun to read about unusual products along with the everyday items. Just ordered a product based on The Gadgeteer’s recommendation!

  30. Julie,
    Love all of the gadget reviews. Especially, reviews of some of the new things coming out. Everything from travel luggage (for us road warriors), to cases, to battery packs, to camping equipment. Great stuff! Thanks.

  31. I love all kinds of reviews but especially love unique gadgets that are not known to many. I don’t really care for one trick pony “multi tools”. We don’t need any more combo screwdriver/bottle opener etc credit card/keychain tools.

  32. I am more of a pragmatic, so I enjoy reading about the new gadgets out there, not much of a fan for all the accessories. Thank you!

  33. I really enjoy reviews of any kind of bag, and uncommon contraptions and gizmos (let’s say gadgets a plenty). Oftentimes, I’ll add something to my wish-list because of something that was reviewed here.

  34. Chromebook and laptop reviews are my favorites followed by headphones. I don’t care so much about anything Apple though. New phone handsets, not just upgraded iPhones are also nice to read about.

  35. I love reading reviews about computer and TV gadgets. I like learning the pros and cons of these items. I also like pen and gadget bag reviews. I am not that enamored with Bluetooth or clothing reviews.

  36. I like reviews of the smaller, less expensive items. I am sick of Bluetooth speakers and device cases unless they are doing something cool and different.

  37. I am a go to with SPECIFIC reviews on a product they have had for several months and really clarify the positive and negatives regarding manufacturer points vs. consumer experience.

  38. I like to read reviews on multi tools, bags, chargers and anything bluetooth. BIG Fan of NEW and DIFFERENT.

    I don’t spend time reading a lot of the reviews on headphones, as the parity of the product doesn’t lend itself to distinction.

  39. like : *wireless waterproof speakers/headsets
    * household devices
    * stuff for Apple watch
    * new technologies like 3d printing

    Not like: *messenger bags
    * rfd wallets
    *security camera

  40. I love reviews on home use items/devices, anything Android and apps too. I like Blootooth and sound also. My favorite household use items that still come to mind was the Thermogen bug/mosquito device and the Bubba review from Julie. They were good because I ended up buying or had one. I follow the vacuum cleaner reviews and finally HAD to order one last week. Not one that was reviewed though.

    The only things I dislike are cases for iPhone and so many reviews for IPhone and Mac as I don’t like apple but I do see you have picked up more lately for Android so all is well. I dislike when there are more than one Kickstarter projects in one newsletter.

  41. “I really love Helpful gadgets around the house that make ones life easier and also anything to do with construction whether it be tools, hardwares or materials used in that area. I hate ipod reviews and also cell phones in general reviews

  42. I like reading reviews of newest tech gadgets that come out. I do not like to read reviews of motherboards or any other DIY computer project parts.

  43. I like reading reviews of super hi-tech and cutting edge items and gadgets… I tend to skip over the bags and packs stuff…

  44. All good here – great reviews and a pleasant engaging style – highly recommended to keep up to date with all sort of trends!

  45. Gregg Atterberry

    I dislike your non gadget reviews…..If its not a phone or gadget…Do not review it. Especially those girly bags!:)

  46. Love the few alerts I have seen for special deals on high tech/end items (ie NIID bag). Like the items that reviewers says are a marked improvement on current state. No interest in computer parts, non tech clothing, and exhorbitant priced items

  47. I think your format is great! I like gadgets, but I still find myself reading most of your reviews. More bag reviews would be nice!

  48. I like the reading about apps, it offers me great insight and what to expect. I’d like to see more about newer emerging gadgets. Almost like a teaser for new gen apple products. Thanks for the entry!

  49. I like the variety of reviews and the fact that both Android and iphone accessories are covered. Fewer phone cases and mounts would be fine with me. Keep up the good work.

  50. I love seeing reviews about odd pieces of electronics, like bluetooth speakers and adapters. I never read the reviews of bags.

  51. I love to read reviews about electronics, specifically security systems and computers. I’m not a fan of e-readers and e-books.

  52. Marjorie O. Cunningham

    I’m a grannie who loves gadgets of all kinds and am always on the lookout for useful new computer helpers. I’ll even look at the toy and phone gadgets as my grandkids love presents, but overpriced one-note wonders do not resonate with me.

    This prize list is so amazing but I really perked up at the solid Titanium pen. Wow! The 21st century is really starting to roll!

  53. I’m pretty partial to all reviews for just about any type of gadget, but I’m over iPhone and Apple reviews.

  54. I too am a bagaholic so any review on any type of carrying apparatus is cool (laughed at the garter-bag). Also pocket tools and wallets. Flashlights- not so much. Thanks for all the great reviews. You and the staff are awesome.

  55. Like the latest and greatest in tech/electronics to streamline my life (smart home, etc), don’t have a lot of interest in the cases, earbuds, etc.

  56. I enjoy the reviews on gear bags, headphones, and pretty much anything Android. I’m not very interested in bluetooth speakers or iAnything.

  57. I love all your reviews, except for Apple, not a fan. I find that your reviews are right on the money, even if it’s stuff I can’t afford.

  58. I like reviews of new gadgets. Things I’ve not seen elsewhere yet.

    I don’t like reviews on earphones. There are so many and they all have a lot of user preference to be beneficial for me.

  59. Love when you introduce me to new product ideas (i.e. the kickstarter of the watch sold in component parts) but I tend to skip over reviews that discuss the same type of product over and over (i.e. headphones, apple watch stands).

  60. Marjorie O. Cunningham

    Granny here, tweeted the phrase and URL but have no idea what kind of URL to copy and paste here. Sorry, hope this doesn’t disqualify me!

  61. I love all the gadget reviews, from low to high tech. I like EDC bag reviews, but would like to see more purse like ones 😉 I’d like to see less iphone stuff.

  62. I love to read reviews for new and different items, especially ones that are affordable for everyone. I’m done with backpack/messenger reviews of bags that are incredibly expensive. Thank for the great work!

  63. I consider myself a Technologist so I love the reviews on new products that I can recommend or offer to my customers and friends.

    I am not a fan of reviews that are overly simple or are about items that are too common to be of interest to my customers.

  64. I like reviews on gadgets, bags to carry my equipment and photography items. I am not a fan of headphones and cold care less for Android reviews.

  65. Love reviews of new, cutting edge stuff, especially home. Don’t care for headphone reviews (hard to make a distinction and it’s a very personal decision) or Android reviews (don’t use it, never have, never will) but realize they are appropriate and necessary…I just buzz by them…

  66. I would love to see more EDC apps. For instance I use remember the milk, waze, sleep meister, instaflash, fillr almost every day. Also I would love to see sort of a #tbt review where you compare a new phone case with others that you’ve done in the past. I hate these contests because i never win :p JK I would preffer less keychains.

  67. I enjoy just about all of the gadget reviews on The Gadgeteer. I suppose I have less interest in those that involve appliances or other devices that I don’t think of in the same way that I do computers, mobile phones and the like. It’s a pretty good site as it is!

  68. I would like to see reviews of small things that improve my life. One of the last things was the QI charger and lamp review

  69. I enjoy reading reviews about iPhone and iPad accessories like cases, screen protectors, etc. I dislike reviews about cables (power).

  70. I love all of your technology device reviews, I am not a big fan of the accessories. For example, I am not interested in phone cases or screen protectors.

  71. I love to read about bag/wallet/gear reviews, and most technology reviews. I hate to read any Apple reviews, since it reminds me I don’t have an MacBook Pro yet. 🙂

  72. I love any tech reviews-phones-tablets-Smart Gadgets and I dislike clothing reviews.

    Shared on twitter–https://twitter.com/denidtigner/status/656498015696482304

  73. I spend a lot of time reading up on all the latest electronics gadgets – battery packs, earbuds, phones, cordless tools but I find myself really reading up on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. Still looking how to Bluetooth or Wifi my music from my desktop in the bedroom to the living room about 40 ft. away in stereo. Generally don’t do anything with reviews with Apple.

  74. I like app reviews (for apple or android as I have both) and reviews of unusual tech gizmos and toys. I wouldn’t go so far as to say “hate” but I never read any reviews for iphone accessories. Perhaps if I ever switched to an apple smartphone I might feel differently, but I doubt it.

  75. Fairly new to the site, but I am interested in Every Day Carry items, smallish useful items that can be carried in a pocket of a backpack. I am also interested in flashlights, Android, and things that have a cool Wow! factor.

    I am not interested in Apple, Windows Phone or related products.

  76. I love reading gadget reviews in general, but am less interested in reviews about apparel (luggage, shoes, bags, etc.). Not saying there aren’t folks who like that, though. 🙂

  77. Ravi Ramachandran

    The reviews of phones and accessories are always interesting. Nowadays I am always looking for the “one” audiophile bluetooth speaker and the search is ongoing. Been reading the reviews for the last 5 years or so ( I think)! Keep up the good work!

  78. “Overall Value” rating?

    For instance if there’s something you like, would use and would also purchase, does the overall usage of the item justify the cost. Like the Apple Watch seems like a cool gadget to have, but after dropping $600 on it, does the use/practicality justify dropping that much on it or it just a cool and fun factor.

  79. i’m a big fan of the site. particularly i like the reviews of tech products i don’t know about. i have bought several devices after reading about them here. not a big fan of phone accessory reviews; i’m not a big phone accessorizer.

  80. Hi, I’d like to read more reviews and posts about eBook readers and eBooks in general… you know… reviews that are more personal, not just always geeky technical stuff. I don’t like reviews about iPhone/cases/covers?

  81. I love gadget reviews about iphone add-ons like bluetooth earbuds, speakers, and other wireless connectivity devices. Not really into reviews about things like Ti pens (what’s up wit that?). Thanks for the great write ups (even the ones about pens…)!

  82. Just love the variety of reviews, except they are a little bit iOS centric sometimes. Reviewing more non electronic gadgets and gadget storage options would be great.

  83. Great Site! OK, I don’t care for apple product reviews but I understand that they are money market leaders. I do like EDC most but I read nearly everything.

  84. I hate any Apple-related reviews. I don’t use any Apple gear, and don’t plan to.

    I love the reviews of gear not usually covered elsewhere, such as the stick-on grips you reviewed recently, or the various tablet stands you’ve reviewed. These are useful items not often seen discussed anywhere else.

  85. Sure I would like to win. I love reading about new personal tech, gadgets and such. Likely I won’t be chosen as usual and I won’t try again. HEY YOU…what does it take? marty, just a little un-mcfly

  86. I’m a big fan of the site. I really like all of the reviews, but sometimes skip over the Bluetooth speaker reviews. I’d appreciate a note at the top of iphone or android specific reviews so I can choose to read or not to read. It’s disappointing to get excited about a new product only to read at the bottom of the article that it’s only for the platform that I don’t use.

    Kudos to the reviewers. They’re doing a great job and writing good reviews.

  87. I like the geek toys and other quirky things reviews but could do without EDC bags/purse reviews. I do appreciate that there isn’t any breathless brand worship going on though.

  88. I like tech reviews about new tech products that make life and organization easier and more enjoyable and actually work, so I don’t have to spend more time trying to get it to work right than its saving me

  89. I like the site and reviews. My favorites are the tech gear and and sections which contain various useful items. For example the cases and covers is really a category covering a single use. How many cases and covers do you really need?

  90. Julie, I like your blog and reviews already. I’d like to read what you have to say about new gadgets coming in China and India, lesser known ones maybe too? I can’t think of what I don’t really like but I have less interest in stuff like covers and stylus… Thanks.

  91. I like to read your conflicted decisions with what to take with you on vacation only to realize what won’t work.

    Makes things easier for me.


  92. I really like the reviews about new technology but lately I seen a lot reviews of accessories only, also it would be nice if you can review an App(apple and android) weekly.

  93. Connie Diepstraten

    I love reviews of portable electronic gadgets, and hate/don’t read reviews of any product that had to do with Apple!!

  94. Update 10/22/15:

    The winner of this contest is comment #20 from Michael M. Congrats to Michael and thank you to everyone who entered and especially the sponsors who provided the prizes.


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