Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock will now let you wake up to your favorite tunes

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Withings has split their Aura sleep tracking gadget into two different packages. One without the sleep sensor and one that performs just as a connected alarm clock. The Aura Connected Alarm Clock + Sleep Sensor Accessory is priced at $299.95 and the Aura Connected Alarm Clock is priced at 189.95. The difference is that the Aura with the sleep sensor features a wake-up light, smart alarm, connected speaker, sleep programs and sleep cycle analysis. The Aura Connected Alarm Clock features the wake-up light, connected speaker and sleep programs, but does not track your sleeping patterns or wake you at the best time according to your sleeping cycle. However, it does offer special light and sound programs that will help you get to sleep faster and wake up more naturally with a light that gradually brightens to simulate the sun coming up. And now, the Aura will let you wake up to your favorite Spotify playlist or your choice of 20,000+ web radio stations. If you are interested in upgrading your sleep experience, head over to Withings for more info or place an order through Amazon.

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