Be safe with the @DrinkMateBAC tiny breathalyzer for your iPhone

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When socializing and partying involves drinking alcohol, it should go without saying that it is important to stay safe. A designated driver is an obvious must-have, but even for those people who aren’t driving or people who drink alone, knowing their blood alcohol level can help prevent a hang over and bad judgement that can be associated with over indulging. People are going to drink, so a breathalyzer is an easy way to stay ahead of problems. The only issues with some breathalyzers are their size and price. The DrinkMate breathalyzer doesn’t have either one of those problems because it’s less than 2 inches long and costs less than $30. The DrinkMate has a lightning connector that plugs directly into the iPhone when you want to use it. It requires no batteries, doesn’t require a mouthpiece and has a sensor that doesn’t even need to be calibrated. Once you plug it into your iPhone, the breathalyzer app automatically launches. Then you just blow into the end of DrinkMate without touching it with your mouth. Your blood alcohol level (BAC) will then be displayed on the iPhone’s screen. DrinkMake’s accuracy is approximately +/- 0.01% BAC at a BAC of 0.02% and will show a maximum BAC of 0.20%. A higher level than that, and you would probably be on the floor. 

In addition to displaying your BAC, let your friends check their levels too since they only need to blow into it without touching it.  The iOS app can also share your info with your friends for some added fun and positive peer pressure.

There is already an Android version of the DrinkMate available, but the iPhone version is currently a Kickstarter project that is ending in just a few days. The project has already earned more than double their funding goal. A pledge of $29 will pre-order one iOS version of the DrinkMate with shipping estimated for October 2015. For more info, visit and the DrinkMate Kickstarter campaign page.

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  2. Julie we expect a very in-depth review of this. We have come to expect detailed hands on reviews, testing must be done regularly over the course of several days, with proper samples taken at set intervals.

  3. Well,…what is the different from the others? Check it with “Hohoney” in your browser, they already selling the similar one, small size and support andriod.

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