Tattoos aren’t just for your body, now they are for boots too

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I am fascinated with tattoo art and love to watch shows on TV like Ink Master. I have 5 tattoos of my own that I call my battle tattoos. No, one of them isn’t a sugar skull, a rose or a Japanese Koi fish, they are actually 5 little black dots on my chest that mark locations for the radiation treatments I had for breast cancer back in 2011. They are not exactly art, but I’m still counting them! When I saw these tattooed boots from Oak Street Bootmakers and well-known tattoo artist Mario Desa, I instantly thought that I’d love to do something similar on my homemade leather notebook covers. I have no idea where to get a tattoo machine or even how to use one, but that’s never stopped me before.

Check out the video after the jump which shows Mario Desa tattooing these leather boots.

Unfortunately it looks like this pair of tattooed boots are one of a kind. Oak Street Bootmakers do not sell them. Maybe this video will cause that to change though.

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  2. You can achieve much the same effect with traditional leatherworking tools as well as give it 3d texture.

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