iFork is a great idea with a really dumb name

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Wasn’t there a law passed several years ago banning the practice of adding an “i” in front of a product name just to sound techy and hip? Probably not, but there should be, call your congressman now. Anyway, the iFork (just saying the name makes me roll my eyes because it has nothing to do with the internet or tech) is actually a really good idea for the eating implements that we’ve been using for centuries. The iFork, iSpoon and iKnife (I’m rolling my eyes again) all have a small post or ball attached to the bottom edge that allow each piece of cutlery to stay elevated above the surface that it’s resting on. Why is this a good idea? Think about it for a sec, restaurant tables, kitchen countertops, picnic tables, may or may not be clean. Instead of resting your fork on a dirty germy table and then sticking it directly in your mouth when you eat, you can keep it away from the germs. The iLine (there they go again) of flatware are available in stainless steel versions with a ball or a stackable post design. They also offer plastic disposable versions of their flatware. Prices range from $19.99 for one set of the stainless version up to $99.00 for a set of 30. The plastic versions can be purchased for 4 cents each. For more info visit iFork.com

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12 thoughts on “iFork is a great idea with a really dumb name”

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      1. Whatever is to your taste; they stack as well as any other round-handled silverware. I just thought – since the ‘end above the tabletop’ was the selling point – that I should point out another option, since I knew it was available. People can choose whichever they like better.

  2. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Someone posted a review Online stating that she found the handles on the Yamazaki Float 5-piece Place Setting Flatware to be too heavy. She rated them just one star.

    I agree that flatware where the “usable end” doesn’t touch the table is a wonderful idea. I had no idea these existed…and I for one think someone should have thought of this idea decades ago.

    1. I wonder what she was expecting – they aren’t any heavier than many other sets of flatware I’ve handled. They are solid metal, so they aren’t the lightest set I’ve handled, but they aren’t any heavier than any other large-handled set I’ve dealt with. (I’d say my parent’s set is actually heavier.) The iFork is probably lighter, as they have a smaller handle, true.

      Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by how they felt in my hand when I first got them – that was six years or so ago, and they’ve been my daily dinnerware since. I’d recommend them, if they are to your taste. (Style and taste being the main differentiators between most sets of flatware, in my opinion.)

  3. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    I placed an order to try out the iFork. It is disappointing, however, that the iFork Website states delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks.

    (Oh, and Julie, I totally agree with you about the iFork name being so not good for this product.)

      1. O-Qua Tangin Wann

        OK, so because iFork Website said “allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery,” I decided to also try the Yamazaki Float silverware (via Amazon Prime delivery). I was so disappointed with the Yamazaki Float silverware. Too heavy indeed, and not comfy to hold or use.

        Then, to my surprise, today I received my iFork order. I was impressed at the speed in which they shipped. Also, I gotta tell you, the iFork is so much better than the Yamazaki Float silverware, in my opinion.

        The choice to just put a stem at the bottom of the silverware to prop up the front part is a much better way to do this concept. The iFork silverware is propped up higher than the Yamazaki Float silverware. The iFork silverware is also thinner, lighter, and more comfortable to hold.

        I also like their plastic disposables (I ordered some to try out, as well).

        I recommend the iFork products…and thank Julie once again for introducing me to a product I was unaware.

          1. O-Qua Tangin Wann

            Hi Julie,

            The specific stackable model (which they title “Stackable Design”) with the hole on top stacks quite well.

  4. Neat idea, but, I was raised in the early 60’s as a child that my mother would get ticked off and “correct me” if I placed silverware on the table while eating. We had to lay the knife on the plate, and or place the fork & spoon on the plate as well, with the handles not touching the table. I guess some things just stick with you. Of course the back of a parents hand, belt, tree limb was a good way of bring that point home also, LOL.

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