Marble’s not just for countertops now


If you love the look of rich marble, but you don’t like the faux marble look, you’re usually limited to using marble in your house.  Now you can also use real marble in these MIKOL cases for your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone 6/6 Plus.  The iPhone cases incorporate a piece of natural marble in the back of the TPU case.  There are three marble choices; prices start at $99 for these cases.  The MacBook cover is available for 13″ or 15″ laptops; the marble adheres to the top of the laptop using 3M adhesives.  The MacBook are $89.00 and are also available in three marble choices.  The iPad cases also incorporate a piece of marble in the back of a TPU case.  They are available in three marble choices to fit the iPad mini 3 or the iPad Air 2 for $69.00; these cases don’t appear to accommodate the Smart Cover.  Learn more about these marble cases at MIKOL.

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