Build your child the LEGO Creation Station of their dreams


This isn’t a product you can purchase; it’s a wonderful, Portable LEGO Creation Station that an Instructables author named Tez_Gelmir designed and built for his very lucky LEGO-obsessed son.  The station is seen closed on the left.  I had to crop the original pictures to get them to fit on this page, but the station is sitting on a child’s room play rug, and that’s one of those huge floor-standing red toolboxes you can glimpse in the background for size comparison.  It looks like a simple LEGO storage box, until you unlatch the front cover and lift it up into place.  The cover becomes a LEGO work station, complete with colorful storage boxes stored inside the body of the box.  He added a little folding step stool as a chair, and his son had the perfect place to build his creations.  With everything stored neatly in the Creation Station, clean up will be a breeze, too.  If you are handy, or you know someone who is (a grandparent, perhaps?), you can find step-by-step instructions for building your own Portable LEGO Creation Station at Instructables.

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