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For years, the adage in the academic world was “publish or perish”, meaning that you need to research in your field and periodically publish a paper or book to prove to the university that you are still a valuable commodity to the college and to your students.  Business used to operate on a similar model.  You needed to develop a set of products that you could maintain or slowly evolve to adapt to a slowly changing marketplace.  But that’s not how today’s businesses survive and thrive.  Because of technology shifts, driven by big data, mobility, cloud computing, and security, businesses have to develop new ideas and get them to the market at a pace unheard of in even the recent past.  You have to develop and market ideas faster than the competition to have a chance to even survive in today’s Idea Economy.

Understanding that you need to develop innovative ideas that can disrupt the current model and to be agile enough to beat the competition to the marketplace with these products is one thing, but do you truly understand how to use technological advances to implement your ideas?  HP Matter, a digital magazine where the brightest minds in business share their perspectives on a technology-driven world, can help you understand the opportunities for those who transition from a traditional IT infrastructure to apply the concepts of an idea-driven economy to help your business thrive.

HP Matter has created a new short film series called Welcome to the Idea Economy. Meg Whitman, HP Chief Executive Officer, says: “We’re now living in an Idea Economy where success is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition.”  The short film series explores companies that have used Idea Economy and Disruption to quickly bring their ideas to life to not only survive, but to thrive.

One Kings Lane is a home furnishings company that was the idea of two women who developed a new method of getting merchandise before potential customers. They disrupted the standard model of shopping for goods in brick-and-mortar stores or by using designers for access to “to the trade” merchandise with their idea of online shopping for these products.  They used technology – cloud, mobile, big data, and analytics – along with their artistic vision to develop a business in the home decor sector that’s growing at a pace that exceeds the growth rate of traditional stores by a factor of five.

In addition to the Welcome to the Idea Economy series, HP Matter has many articles that can help you develop and grow your business in today’s high-tech and constantly evolving marketplace. Watch Now, and learn how successful businesses are redefining their fields.  How can understanding the Idea Economy help your business grow?

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