Keep the BBQ going with the Smart GasWatch

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The weather is getting warmer and summer is just around the corner. Across the country BBQ enthusiasts are dusting off their grills and wondering the same thing, “Is there any propane left in the tank?” Wonder no more with The Smart GasWatch.

The Smart GasWatch is a propane tank scale that uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone. It measures the weight of the tank to determine how much propane you have left. The Smart GasWatch also provides an estimate of how much cooking time you have until the tank is empty. Additionally, The Smart GasWatch will alert you when you’re at 10% capacity so you’ll never worry about running out of gas mid-BBQ again.

The Smart GasWatch is an IndieGoGo project that will be available on both Android and iOS. Those interested can back the project here for $35. Shipping time is estimated for September of this year if the project is successful.

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  2. This would have helped me out a few weeks ago. Started cooking a tritip (for you non Californian’s “yummy bbq roast”) takes about hour to cook. About 30 minutes in my gas gives out. So I jump in the car race down the block and get another. YAY dinner has been saved. However I forgot to turn off the gas at the tank, and my son unbeknownst (spell check says that’s right but it looks funny) to me was playing “space ship” with the controls of the BBQ. Now I can’t really blame him for this, he is my son, and in all honestly I’m a 36 year old who will on occasion play “space ship” with random controls tooo, but this time it left a BBQ venting “landing fuel” into “space” till the tank was depleted. I am grateful we did not have any Apollo 11 style disasters due to the vented propellant. However it did leave the crew hungry and disapointed when the following night when dinner had to be changed from BBQ short ribs to Mac & Cheese due to insufficient fuel for dinner.

  3. I solved this problem the old fashioned way – I got a second propane tank that I store in the garage. When I run out, I take 5 minutes to swap out, and replace the empty sometime next week.

    1. I too solved my problem this way…….I however forgot to do the second part and replace empty sometime next week.

  4. This is a nice idea. I usually end up weighing mine with my luggage scales which are the type you hang your suitcase from. That seems to work OK as long as I can find the luggage scales.

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