Aiaiai lets you custom build your TMA headphone


Have you ever looked at a headphone website and thought, “I like the looks of this headphone, but the ear pads of this one are more comfortable and yet this one sounds better. If I could just mix and match…” Well, now you can—sort of. Aiaiai is known for their minimalist styling with choices of differently tuned headphones with subtle styling cues to match. Since the TMA-1 line of headphones were fairly modular anyway, Aiaiai decided to go all the way and remake the TMA-1 into a completely modular headphone, the TMA-2—a build-it-yourself headphone system. Choose the type of sound you’re looking for, padded or harder headband, straight or coiled cord and ear pad material. Each part is individually priced. Aiaiai even offers suggestions depending on how you listen to headphones. The headphone can be built on the Aiaiai website Configurator page with parts and pieces changed until the desired headphone is finished. The original TMA-1 headphones are still available. The prices of the TMA-2 range from $155 to $250 US and are available now. Visit for more information.

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