A clip-on keyboard that turns an iPhone 6 Plus into a tiny laptop


The iPhone 6 Plus is a big beautiful smartphone that comes close to being a small tablet. If you own this phone and find yourself wishing you could type long emails or text messages with a physical keyboard instead of the onscreen version, consider this clip-on Bluetooth keyboard from Brando. The iPhone 6 Plus Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard effectively turns your phablet into a mintop (I just made up that term to stand for mini laptop). The keyboard comes with a clear case that snaps on the back of the iPhone and then allows the keyboard to snap over it when not being used, doubling as a screen protector. When you do want to use the keyboard, it features a fold out stand where the iPhone can rest in a comfortable viewing angle. The keyboard is powered by rechargeable battery which charges using an included micro USB cable. You can purchase the iPhone 6 Plus Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard for $48 from Brando.

6 thoughts on “A clip-on keyboard that turns an iPhone 6 Plus into a tiny laptop”

  1. Mark Rosengarten

    After further investigating it, it’s not really what I’m after but a step in the right direction! Figured it would be Brando who came up with it.

    1. Michael, if your question is about the textblade – which comes from Waytools – I don’t know yet how comfortable it is, since I haven’t received it yet. Should get end of May-ish. Apparently has “proper” tactile feedback and is full size keys, so should be very comfortable.

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