A clip-on keyboard that turns an iPhone 6 Plus into a tiny laptop

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The iPhone 6 Plus is a big beautiful smartphone that comes close to being a small tablet. If you own this phone and find yourself wishing you could type long emails or text messages with a physical keyboard instead of the onscreen version, consider this clip-on Bluetooth keyboard from Brando. The iPhone 6 Plus Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard effectively turns your phablet into a mintop (I just made up that term to stand for mini laptop). The keyboard comes with a clear case that snaps on the back of the iPhone and then allows the keyboard to snap over it when not being used, doubling as a screen protector. When you do want to use the keyboard, it features a fold out stand where the iPhone can rest in a comfortable viewing angle. The keyboard is powered by rechargeable battery which charges using an included micro USB cable. You can purchase the iPhone 6 Plus Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard for $48 from Brando.

8 thoughts on “A clip-on keyboard that turns an iPhone 6 Plus into a tiny laptop”

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  2. Mark Rosengarten

    After further investigating it, it’s not really what I’m after but a step in the right direction! Figured it would be Brando who came up with it.

    1. Michael, if your question is about the textblade – which comes from Waytools – I don’t know yet how comfortable it is, since I haven’t received it yet. Should get end of May-ish. Apparently has “proper” tactile feedback and is full size keys, so should be very comfortable.

  3. John Spitaleri

    The problem I see with this type of keyboard is that the onscreen keyboard still comes up. With Android devices, the operating system detects that you’re using an external keyboard and therefore does not present the onscreen keyboard at the same time. The onscreen keyboard takes up WAY too much real estate.

    1. Robert Nieboer

      John, with my Textblade keyboard, the onscreen keyboard does NOT come up. This is with my iPhone 6+. And it is very comfortable to use. Should be going GA “soon.”

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