This Pyle Bluetooth thermometer makes checking and tracking your child’s temperature easy

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Pyle Audio just introduced a new Bluetooth Infrared Ear and Body Digital Thermometer that easily and accurately reads your body temperature from the ear canal or the top of the forehead.  The thermometer has a digital display to show the temperature reading, and it can wireless send the information to your mobile phone (devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and later) when you use the free Pyle Health app (for iOS 6 or Android 4.3 and later devices).  With the app, you can create user profiles and automatically save and chart records. If you want, you can share the data via Facebook and Twitter or password protect it for privacy.  You can also email the data to your healthcare provider.  The Bluetooth Infrared Ear and Body Digital Thermometer is $65 at Pyle Audio.

4 thoughts on “This Pyle Bluetooth thermometer makes checking and tracking your child’s temperature easy”

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  2. Do you need to record your children temperature chart in order to project it later at their wedding or your short term memory is so bad that you couldn’t remember whether they were sick yesterday ?

    1. @Fred while I was going through chemo a few years ago, I had to keep a record of my temperature so I could give it to my oncologist because I was having problems with low white blood cell count and infection. At that time, I sometimes forgot the temperature reading before I could write it down, so I can see how automatic tracking would be very useful.

    1. I wouldn’t call that lucky, but rather not unlucky. I think the majority of the US population are not unlucky to have a need to track temperatures at home. When we do, it’s serious and we need to be hospitalized. But there are exceptions, and those are the unlucky ones.

      But I see a need for a fast reading less intrusive accurate thermometer with a log. When my kid was a toddler, I went through several thermometers before settling on a tempo thermometer that costed me $35. It’s not user friendly enough that you have to read the instruction to figure out how to use it, and there is bug that when the log fill up you have to clear it before it takes any more reading. I could care less about all the other functions like posting to Facebook or emailing. All I want is a fast nonintrusive accurate thermometer that keep track of the last 10 readings. I wouldn’t mind paying $50 for one.

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