AvoSeedo lets you grow your own avocado tree even if you live in Alaska

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I have never liked to eat avocados by themselves or prepared in guacamole. But I recently found a recipe that uses an avocado to make healthy chocolate pudding. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it I was surprised at how good it is! Every time I make the pudding, Jeanne asks me to save the seed so she can try to sprout it. She’s the gardener in our household but hasn’t been able to successfully grow an avocado tree from seed. Maybe it’s because she leaves the seed on the kitchen counter for so long that it gets soft and icky and I end up throwing it in the trash. Or maybe it’s because she doesn’t have an AvoSeedo. The AvoSeedo is an avocado seed holder that has been specially designed to float in a glass of water in such a way that the seed will sprout and roots will grow. The AvoSeedo is a crowdfunding project that has already met its funding goal. $7 US will reserve one AvoSeedo seed sprouter for you with  anticipated shipping in June. This seed sprouter might be a fun gift for kids or others who think they have a green thumb. For more info visit https://avoseedo.com/ and the AvoSeedo Kickstarter project.

7 thoughts on “AvoSeedo lets you grow your own avocado tree even if you live in Alaska”

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    1. I think that one time (vs. several failures) I did get about as far as that last picture. Nowhere near a fruit-bearing tree! I don’t see that this gadget offers any advantage over toothpicks except that maybe, since it floats, the seed is less likely to find itself high and dry above the evaporating water.

        1. It’s a first world problem. If you can’t get an avocado seed to sprout with a couple of toothpick and a glass of water, then you are not fit to take care of an avocado tree.

          1. @meistervu it’s interesting to note that they have 820 backers and have almost doubled their funding goal. I guess (according to you) there are a lot of people who don’t deserve to grow avocado seeds.

        2. I think I will start a KickStarter campaign for a biodegradable avocado sprouting kit. It will come with 2 wine bottle corks and 2 toothpicks. Attach the corks to opposite sides of the avocado seed like so: /-O-/

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