Automate your plantation shutters with ShutterEaze

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We told you about Tilt My Blinds, a device that attaches to and automates your existing horizontal blinds.  But what if you have plantation shutters instead of blinds?  Well, there’s a way to automate them, too.  A Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded, and ShutterEaze is currently production phase.  ShutterEaze requires you to mount the AA battery-powered motorized unit to the frame and to attach a louver clip to a louver on each blind you want to control.  You can then use a smartphone app to control your shutters manually or program them to open/close on a schedule.  If you prefer, you can purchase a RF remote control to manually control the shutters, but you won’t be able to program them with the remote.  There’s no price listed on the ShutterEaze site yet, but you can probably expect to pay more than the Kickstarter pledge of $189.00 for a starter set to control four shutters.  You can leave your name at the website to be added to the notification list when the ShutterEaze is available for purchase.

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  2. Being able to open and close my plantation shutters from an app would be so useful. My husband and I work during the day, but we leave our pets at home. We usually leave a corner of the blinds open, so they can see outside without the sun heating up the whole room in the afternoon. If I had a device like this, I could open the shutters in the morning and close them when it gets too hot.

  3. I am interested in this system. each widow has 4 movable blinds 2 upper and 2 lower. does 1 unit control only 1 window?

    Thank You

  4. I love the idea of being able to remotely open and shut my shutters. I am interested. I have four windows with two plantation shutters per window. When will the product be available for purchase?

  5. These guys may not bear a close examination. Two years after sending them money in a kick starter campaign, I have received nothing. They do not even answer their phones any more. I feel deceived and cheated.

  6. Hello, All Interested in Remote controlling Plantation Shutters:

    My name is Douglas Greene, inventor of the SKYTECH family of remote controls for gas fireplaces. Sold the company in 2001 but continue to dabble in RF and IR remote technology. I have over 20 Plantation Shutter blinds in our home and have often thought about figuring out a system to remotely control these blinds. I like to rely on “existing technology” to develop products and when I saw the effort by ShutterEase to do this, I have been searching for the name/contact info of this inventor. If anyone knows how to contact him, please contact me at: [email protected].
    Thanks and Happy New Year-2022

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