Moshi SenseCover for iPhone review

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My iPhone is constantly giving me notifications. I chose to have this feedback, but sometimes, I have to interact with it to turn off a reminder or timer. If I’m using a case, swiping across the face requires pulling the phone out, swiping, then replacing it in the cover. Enter Moshi’s Sensecover case. This cover has a snap-in holder for the phone, with a flap that covers the screen. Different from most book-style cases, however, there is a window that shows the time, caller, or other information from your iPhone, without having to open the cover. Better than that, there is also a strip of metallic pieces that allows you to swipe to dismiss alarms and reminders, or answer calls easily.

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The case has a finely textured matte-finish silvery plastic backing (which holds the phone securely) bonded to a flexible covering material. The two-sided cover is soft on the inside, to prevent screen scratches, and there is a hard insert over the screen area, between the layers. The outside feels like fabric, with a fine longways running grain. A tab sticks out from the middle edge to flap onto the hard plastic side wall (right over the SIM card tray), where magnets keep the cover secured.


There is a top cutout over the sound hole and proximity sensor, and there are nice indentations on the hinge side for volume buttons. To reach the ringer switch, you have to flip open the cover.


There are four metal sensors flush with the front surface of the case, right where the “swipe to unlock” message appears. There is some type of clear non-conductive material that not only separates the four sensors, but also allows light to pass through. On the inside, the metal is satin-smooth and there are no rough edges. For a while I thought there was a covering over it, because it’s such a soft finish. I’ve been using it with my iPhone 5s for about 2 months now, and there is no sign of wear or any other mark.


The microfiber of the inner lining actually polishes the screen, so that where the window covers it, there is a grimy, finger-printed up little rectangle, and the rest of the screen is clean!

A word about book-type covers. I really hate them all, to a degree. I’ve had flip cases that go over the top of a device, rather than the side, on everything from my first Newton to the final Palm I had when I bought the first iPhone. But with those, you can have the flap open all the way and still access the side buttons. You can still make a call, and the flap just goes over your hand. With a book-type cover, the flap is always in the way. You have to fold it all the way back to make a call, you wind up folding it under when you sit the phone down, and that means the inside of the case, which touches the screen directly when it closes, is right down on the table. bar, or car fender. Where ever you sit your phone down, it’s gonna pick up stuff and transfer it to your screen, just as if you laid the phone down face first.

Personal prejudice aside, however, I really like this case. It holds the phone solidly and it’s durable. I can hold the flap and waggle it, and the phone stays firmly attached. The phone answer/reject options work with just a touch, and using bluetooth or earbuds is painless, but I so rarely actually talk on my phone. More often than not, I’m texting, reading Twitter, email, surfing the webs, playing a game – not talking. And when I’m listening to music, I can control the phone through Bluetooth on the speaker or car stereo.


Still, I like having the cover over the face of the phone, and just seeing the time, the alarm countdown, or who is calling without having to light up the whole room during a TV show or movie. The Sensecover is available in real space and online through many outlets, including some Apple Retail stores.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Moshi. Please visit their site for more info.

Product Information

  • iPhone
  • Protects screen as well as back of iPhone
  • Allows access to screen through conductive metal pieces
  • can be used for phone calls without opening front cover
  • Inside of case lays on surface when folded back.
  • Some interface locations have changes, making touch areas not work as well.

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