Keep your hands warm with this backup battery


If your hands are always cold as ice, you need one of these rechargeable hand warmers.  (My daughter needs one; her hands are always as cold as ice.)  Its lithium-ion battery charges from USB power, and then it can provide you with up to 6 hours of heat (up to a maximum of 130oF) to keep your hands toasty warm.  It’s only 4″ long x 2 ” wide x 1″ thick, so it fits easily in your pocket or bag so it’s always ready to warm up your hands.  It also can be used to give a quick shot of power to your phone or tablet to keep it powered while you’re away from a power outlet.  The Rechargeable Hand Warmer is $49.95 at firstSTREET.

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7 thoughts on “Keep your hands warm with this backup battery”

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  2. I keep looking for a good handwarmer and found a lot of glowing promises and rotten reviews (generally complaining about the amount of heat or the battery life). I’ve seen the press release for this one on a number of sites but no third party reviews. Can you let us know if it works in practice?

  3. This looks like a good idea in theory. Let’s hope it work in practice.

    Meanwhile, I always like to tell this story.

    My mother grew up in a Kosher home, so it was very hard for her to eat at school.

    So every day her mother (my grandmother) would make her two hard-boiled eggs. My mother would put one in each pocket (or mitten, I don’t remember which), and walk to school with the eggs warming her hands.

    Then by lunchtime, she had two eggs to eat. I don’t remember what she did to get home.

    1. I haven’t tried that particular one but I have tried something similar. Iit works great the first time but I had problems “recharging” them. They use a chemical reaction, not electricity, and you boil them to recharge. They also loose their warmth fast.

  4. Hi. What you listed is not true. Someone air brushed the logo. I picked up the Celestron Thermotrek product for $20 from Menards here in Illinois. I actually bought three of them. They work great! I also have a custom leather case made for it. It definitely is not $50, and that web site you listed is full of it!

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