Panny is the next generation keychain

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Panny is a keychain replacement that prevents your keys from scratching the other items you carry in your pocket.  Your keys fit inside compartments in the thin plastic case; you’ll pull the key out of the compartment to use it.  You can attach a “string and shackle” to the Panny so you can attach your fobbed car keys that won’t fit in the compartments.  The Panny Classic ($14.95) comes with the string and shackle, four slot size adjusters, and a clip attachment for clipping your Panny to your belt.  The Panny + 8GB Flashdrive ($24.95) includes a Kingstone 8GB flash drive that fits into a slot on the end of the Panny.  The Panny Pro ($49.95) includes the flash drive plus a Sticknfind sticker that acts as a alarm leash so you don’t leave your keys behind and a radar tracker to help you find your keys if you do lose them.  Panny is available in black, pink, or blue.  Learn more and place your order at .

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