The SanDisk Ultra MicroUSB drive lets you share data between an Android device and a computer


The iFlashDrive from Brando we reviewed yesterday allowed you to share data between your computer and your iOS device.  The SanDisk Ultra MicroUSB Flash Drive lets you transfer data between your computer (Windows PC or Mac) and your Android device.  It has a standard USB plug on one end for use with the computer and a microUSB plug on the other end for use with the Android device.  Download the SanDisk Memory Zone app from the Google Play Store to “make it simple to manage, organize, and back up files stored in your Android phone’s internal and external memory and transfer them to your SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive.”  Amazon has the SanDisk Ultra MicroUSB Flash Drive in 16GB ($12.95), 32GB ($13.99), and 64GB ($27.99) capacities.

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