Now you can make Pepsi sodas at home with your SodaStream machine

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Well, you can make Pepsi at home if you are lucky enough to live in the test area.  Pepsi and SodaStream have announced a joint project called Pepsi Homemade.  You’ll carbonate water using your SodaStream, and then you add one of the Pepsi or Sierra Mist Homemade 0.5L flavor caps create your own drink. Right now, they are testing Pepsi, Pepsi Wild Cherry, Pepsi Vanilla, Sierra Mist, Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, and Sierra Mist Peach flavors.  You can only find the Homemade flavor caps in select Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart stores in the Orlando and Tampa areas in Florida.

I hope these flavors are successful, and I hope they expand the line to include other Pepsi flavors!

12 thoughts on “Now you can make Pepsi sodas at home with your SodaStream machine”

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  2. These sort of machine should be banned. All they do is help make children addicted to sodas which is known to be a major cause of diabetes and adult obesity. Sorry for the rant!

  3. Parents make the decision what to allow their children and how much they can have. If parents allow their children to have sodas, they likely have bottles and cans of soda available in the house, at least part of the time, that the kid could access far more easily than making it with these machines. The kid certainly won’t be sneaking around and making sodas when he’s not allowed them, because this machine is too noisy for that.

    These machines are no different than a coffee maker. Simply having a Mr. Coffee machine in the house doesn’t turn a kid into a coffee fiend.

  4. I’ve got to answer you here…Kids don’t like the taste of coffee that is why they don’t drink it. Soda is completely different. It is designed for a kids tastebuds so as to make them addicted to sugar. If only all parents were strict about the amount of sodas kids can have then we wouldn’t have the looming obesity disaster we are currently facing. It’s a well know fact that soda is bad for you in any quantity, even diet sodas!

    1. @Yeppers The Gadgeteer is not the food police. The products we write about are products that interest us or are products we think will interest our readers. Granted not all of our posts will be interesting to everyone. Some people will think certain products are of no value or are too expensive (example: the Strelka ToolBook that I posted about the other day). But even the products that people complain about will help or interest someone. If only to start a discussion for alternative products. Just because we post about something doesn’t mean we are advocating that everyone should run out and buy one.

  5. We have been using various SodaStream machines since 2006…mostly to make fizzy soda flavored with lemon/lime juice or just plain. The device is simple to use and maintain. We like it because not only does it allow us to make exactly the kind of drinks we want, it also does not create the waste of commercial sodas (cans, bottles, etc).

    Eating healthy? That is a whole different discussion. Food is fuel…use up what you take in if you don’t want any to go into storage. Getting fat is an accounting issue, not a food issue.

  6. @Yeppers,
    Maybe most of the American parents like their children fat ? Apparently, that’s the same for these kids according to their critics of healthy food served at school.

  7. There are 24 diet flavors currently available at SodaStream, as well as many low or no calorie drinks (flavored waters, teas, etc.). It should be up to the person purchasing (i.e. parent) to make an informed decision about what they or their children drink. Manufacturers allow the consumer to decide what their caloric needs are, and will only sell product if there is a market for it. You are not forced to drink high calorie sodas if you don’t want, nor should your children if that is a concern to you. I do not currently own a SodaStream, but have thought about it. The more outside beverage manufacturers like Pepsi (and perhaps Coca-Cola in the future) look toward this market, the more SodaStream will become mainstream, and that means more appeal to people like me.

  8. Wow! I thought we all realised that informed decisions regarding where our calories come from are so rarely taken, hence the obesity issues and diabetes problems we are facing. My bad. I class these machines as dangerous for young people and great for sugar companies but I see that as a gadget site you are just informing. I thought that as a commentor I was too. Again, my bad.

  9. @Yeppers…as you stated…you were not informing, but ranting. So yeah…your bad. The machines adds carbonation to the water. Whatever else one adds after is up to the individual. BTW…not EVERYONE has an obesity/diabetes problem.

    1. I want to know more about this product, i think that this makes other diet cokes faster in houses or just a soda maker and we have to add the flavor.

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