Hook-Eze is a hook tying gadget for fisherman


Here’s a little something for our gadget loving fisherman readers. It’s the Hook-Eze and it claims to help you quickly and safely tie a fishing hook to your line without drawing any blood. It’s a simple gadget invented by Ross Bain of Australia, that is basically a holder that snaps over the hook’s barb so it doesn’t end up in your hand when you’re trying to tie the fishing line to it. It’s also great for covering the hook when you’re not fishing. The Hook-Eze is available in different sized packs, starting at $12 for a pack of two. Visit the Hook-Eze site for more info or Jerry’s Fishing Ideas for US orders.

4 thoughts on “Hook-Eze is a hook tying gadget for fisherman”

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  2. Are these guys fishing while drunk?!? In my 20 years of fishing, I can’t remember having impaled myself even once on a fishing hook while making the knot.

    1. @Martin I can see this as a useful tool for people with dexterity problems and for protecting your vehicle seat cushions if you put your fishing poles in the back seat of the car. Just snap one of these little protectors over the hook and no more snags.

  3. @Martin Yes, they are. What else to do while you are waiting for hours on end for no action 🙂

    I can’t imagine a self respecting angler be caught with one of these. If you know how to fish, you know how to tie a hook in 5 seconds or less. Here is how:

    Thread the line through the eye hole. Fold it against the rest of the line and twist a few times. Thread the end of the line through a loop which is now formed nearest to the hook end. Pull the other end of the line. Done. After a few practices you can do it in 2 seconds!

    As for storing the hook while it’s tied, you hook it to one of the loop on the pole and crank on the reel to take out the slack.

  4. I ordered this product over 2 months ago for a Christmas present, and it has yet to arrive. The companies customer service guys just keep telling me that it was shipped and will get there at some point. This guys are more afraid of losing a few dollars to reship lost merchandise then keeping happy customers.

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