Mount your Dropcam outdoors with the Dropcase

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The Dropcam Pro is my all time favorite security camera. It’s my favorite because it provides the best wide angle image I’ve found in a security camera, it’s easy to setup and has a very good web viewer and mobile app for remote viewing. Of course no gadget is ever 100% perfect for everyone and the main problem with the Dropcam is that there isn’t a version that can be mounted outdoors. Luckily a third party company has come to the rescue with the Dropcase. Dropcases are available in white and black versions and provide a weatherproof outdoor housing that allows full use of the speaker, mic and even night vision. Note that there may be a warranty issue using the cameras outdoors, but if you’re not worried, you can buy the housings for $49.90 each. For more info visit

If you don’t want to spend $50 for this housing, stay tuned for Dave Rees to show us his DIY solution.

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