Sensu Buddy turns your No.2 pencil into a stylus


Minimalists like to pride themselves on being able to get by with the least amount of gear possible. That means carrying both a stylus and a pencil would be one writing implement too many. A possible solution to this problem is the Sensu Buddy Stylus. The Buddy Stylus is a specially designed capacitive stylus cap that can convert a traditional No.2 pencil, Bic pens and other similarly sized writing instruments into a stylus. Just slide the Buddy over the eraser end of the pencil, flip it around and start writing and drawing on any capacitive touch screen. No batteries or pairing needed. Just make sure your fingers come in contact with the Buddy and you’re all set. You can even remove the Buddy and put it on the point end of the pencil to protect it from breaking during transport. The Buddy Stylus is priced at $4.99 and is available from Sensu.

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