Never tie your shoe laces again with Zubits

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We’re all in a hurry these days and like to find ways to cut down on time spent doing things that aren’t important to us versus tasks that are important and fun. One way to save a little time each day is to add a pair of Zubits to your favorite shoes. Zubits is a Kickstarter project for a magnetic shoe closure gadget. Zubits come in two pieces and replace three pairs of eyelets on your lace up shoes leaving you with a super easy way to secure your shoes with a click. Just slide your foot into your shoes and snap the two Zubits together. Strong neodymium self-aligning magnets keep your shoes on your feet even while running and playing other sports. Zubits will come in a variety of colors and sizes. The crowdfunding campaign earnings have already more than doubled their $29k goal. If you’d like a pair, you can pledge $20 with shipping is slated for January 2015. Head on over to the Zubits Kickstarter page for more info.

5 thoughts on “Never tie your shoe laces again with Zubits”

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  2. Super cool. Sounds like a really strong magnet…90s kids will remember those spiral/springy shoelaces where you just pull both ends and everyone thought you look super cool

  3. i’m quite curious of the actual strength of these things…. seems counter-intuitive that they would stay in place so strongly without any kind of mecanical help…

    i’d love to try em !

  4. @nickie – Those rare earth magnets are really strong. I have a few thumbtack size ones on my magnetic board, about a penny in thickness and 1/5 of a penny in size, and when they are stuck together, it’s impossible to pull them apart. You have to slide them apart.

    I think this Zubits thingy works by leverage. The magnets hold the laces together very strongly and it would take a lot of force to pull them apart. When you lift your foot hard to remove them, there is more pressure exerted at the top of the contraption so it takes less force to start the separation. Once the separation begin, the magnetic force at the separation became a lot weaker and the separation continue.

    It’s a pretty neat idea: very practical. I think they will be big if they look cool enough other wise they go the way of velcro shoes enclosure.

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