Hold your bills and cards with the Billetus Carbon fiber Billet wallet

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Billetus Maximus

I see a lot of wallets when I am looking for things to write about here at the Gadgeteer, I have even been fortunate enough to review a few. So, in order for me to write about another wallet it needs to have an interesting design or feature. The Billetus Carbon fiber Billet wallet, a Kickstarter project by Dennis Kaping, has done that. The Billetus comes in two versions, the Maximus and the Minimus. Although the Maximus version is the one that caught my eye, I will mention the Minimus also. The Billetus Minimus is a 601 aircraft grade aluminum unibody frame that is designed to hold up to five cards and five bills with an elastic band keeping them in place. With outside dimensions of 2.65″ x 3.85″ x .365″, it is not overly thick. Built using a Carbon fiber exoskeleton, an aluminum frame and face plate, Titanium fasteners, aluminum washers and a Carbon fiber clip, the Billetus Maximus is the Rolls Royce of this collection. All of these parts integrate allowing the Carbon fiber clip to keep tension on the aluminum face plate keeping your cards and money secure within the exoskeleton and frame. With dimensions of 3.09″ x 4.05″ x .375″, the Maximus can hold up to eight cards and five bills comfortably. There are many pledge points for the Billetus with a $45 pledge getting you a Billetus Minimus and two elastic bands. A pledge of $105 will get you a Billetus Maximus. This project is seeking funding until October 23, 2014 and if successfully funded will start shipping the Billetus in the November 2014 time frame.

5 thoughts on “Hold your bills and cards with the Billetus Carbon fiber Billet wallet”

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  2. I like the idea of a minimalist wallet. But do question the lack of space offered by the largest Billetus Maximus. From my experience, you’ll need more space for plastic.

    I supported the Liquid Wallet Kickstart project. I am able to get 8 pieces of plastic (credit/ATM/library/driver’s license) into the wallet, plus bills. I was surprised regarding how much plastic I carried around – and need to keep on hand.

    In fact, I leave several cards at home and need to remember them if I am going to a specific store (i.e. Costco). It also fits 2 keys: for my home and office. So I am set.

    Once again, I’d like to be able to carry a couple of more cards – and 5 is simply not enough. In fact, I would prefer a liquid wallet to include keys – which IMO is another shortcoming for the Billetus.

    In addition, the price is awfully high. I believe I spent under $50 for the Liquid Wallet Kickstarter project. And I do not find the edges of my Liquid Wallet particularly uncomfortable – certainly not enough to justify the price difference.

    Finally, I got a minimalist wallet because a larger billfold, plus keys, plus a mobile device was unsustainable. My pockets bulged out. But the billfold wallet has its points. For one thing it is easy to count your money and pull out the bills you need. With a minimalist wallet, your bills are folded into one big wad and it is a real pain. Likewise, you have to pull things apart to get to a specific credit or id card. Like most things in life, a minimalist approach represents one big compromise.

  3. @Jane P: I can understand what you are saying. I am still using my PCS wallet. It forced me to only carry what I need. I now carry 1credit card 2 IDs and my medical card. Makes life a lot simpler, I did not think I would be able to carry so little.

  4. Billetus is not fullfilling and is ignoring the kickstarter backers who gave him $60,000 to build wallets using local vendors. After he received the payments, he decided to buy equipment he is not familiar with to manufacture himself. Billitus as a company is not good on customer support, giving out messy aluminum cases, and is trying to say he needs more profit from new R&D products to fulfill his commitments, for many months.

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