WaterField announces new cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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The iPhone 6 is possibly too big for your pockets, and the iPhone 6 Plus is sure to be too big for any pockets not found on cargo pants.  WaterField has new cases can solve the problem of how you’re going to carry your bigger iPhones with their new Spinn holster cases.  The cases are made of full grain leather in black, chocolate, or grizzly; there’s an Ultrasuede lining on the interior screen side to prevent scratches.  The holsters have a patent-pending leather wheel to keep earbuds from tangling.  For holster use, you can order the Spinn with a leather strap that clips over your belt; order it without the clip if you’ll be carrying the Spinn in a gear bag.  The Spinn is available in sizes to fit the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or the iPhone 5/5s, and sized to fit the phone naked or with an Apple case.  The iPhone 6 Spinn Case is $59 without the belt clip or $69 with the clip.  You can order them now at WaterField; they’ll ship by October 10.

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