Keep your unplugged power cords within easy reach with the Plug Out organizers


If you have more things to plug in than you have outlets or if you just keep things unplugged to prevent power draw when appliances aren’t in use, you’d probably like a way to keep those unplugged cables in clear view and within easy reach.  These Plug Out plug organizers are silicone strips that adhere to the wall under the AC outlet and hold the cables that aren’t currently plugged in.  The strips use a non-staining adhesive, so they’ll remove without leaving behind marks on the wall.  You’ll get two Plug Out organizers per package in your choice of black and white or green and orange.  They are available for $7.49 a package from Perpetual Kid.

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  • Alan August 25, 2014, 12:26 am

    Good idea but most of the things I have more than enough of to plug in are heavy converter style bricks or USB adapter’s. I wonder how they will handle those?

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