Put the control in the palm of your hand with Cinch Gamings Custom Cinch 360 Xbox game controller

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So, you consider yourself a gamer. You own the Xbox 360, you have all the latest First Person Shooters (FPS), you’re wired for sound with the latest headsets, but what about your game controller? The controller included with the Xbox 360 is fine, but let’s be honest, if you want to get to kill level extreme you need a custom high performance controller. Cinch Gaming has the Custom Cinch 360 to help make you a better player. What makes the Cinch 360 different from a lot of other after market controllers is their addition and placement of two programmed buttons on the bottom of the controller. These buttons can be mapped to any one of a number of functions built into the controller, the most common being the “A” and “B” buttons. Having the button at the bottom of the controller allows you to use the buttons function without removing your thumbs from the joy stick. Any FPS player will tell you milliseconds can be the difference between a high KDR (Kill Death Ratio) and death. The Cinch 360 comes with a host of options such as top shell colors, thumb stick colors and types, button colors and even LED colors. The Custom Cinch 360 starts at $79.95 and the price goes up depending on the options you add. Cinch Gaming also has controller options for Xbox one, and PlayStations 3 and 4.

5 thoughts on “Put the control in the palm of your hand with Cinch Gamings Custom Cinch 360 Xbox game controller”

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  2. Expensive, but after looking at site, I’m pretty impressed. However now that I’m a Daddy my gaming consists of 1-4 hours a week at most. Mostly with a 1 year old in my lap trying to grab the controller.

  3. Hey guys, I’m sponsored by Cinch and they are truly a great controller. If you think it’s a little over priced than use this code to get 5% off at checkout. You’ll see a Coupon or Gift code slot at the bottom of the page when viewing your cart. After putting in the code: CGAmbush, it will then calculate your new total and then just continue to checkout. For the price and options these controllers are durable and very fun to play with.

  4. Great stuff. The guys at Cinch have really nailed the ergonomic positioning for the buttons (at least with my experience on the ps4 controller). I ordered a three button variant and almost immediately shipped it back to get four-buttons. It’s that nice. If you’re going to do it, just spring for all four buttons. Two additional buttons cost less than a faceplate, at least.

    Works really well with stick extenders, because you don’t have to “re-adjust” every time you switch from the buttons to the stick. And you have less of a chance of flicking the stick by accident.

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