Microwave your lunch in your lunch bag and eat directly from it, too

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We’ve mentioned a couple of different Unikia products for carrying your lunch in the past.  One was a Compleat Robust lunch box, one was a Compleat FoodSkin that cradled your sandwich to keep it together as you assembled it (see related posts at the end of this article).  Today’s product is the Compleat FoodBag.  Like the FoodSkin, the FoodBag is made of 100% food-grade, 100% BPA-free silicone.  It looks like a paper lunch bag, but it has a strap with snap to close it.  It measures 5.9″ L x 3.35″ W x 7″ H open; the height is 5.7″ when rolled closed.  Because it’s silicone, you can put your food directly into the bag without using other containers.  You can eat directly from the open bag, and you can even microwave in it (when opened).  It’s dishwasher safe, and it rolls up into a 1.6″ diameter cylinder for easy storage.  The Compleat FoodBag is available for €9.95 from Unikia in Norway (ships globally), or you can order it for $12.95 from The Grommet in the USA.  It’s available in blue, gray, green, lavender, or red from either source.

7 thoughts on “Microwave your lunch in your lunch bag and eat directly from it, too”

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  2. I want one of these in the shape of a laptop bag. I want to go to olive garden order WAY too much pasta. When the come to ask if I want a togo container I’ll tell them, “no thanks I brought my own” then proceed to dump my pasta INTO my “LAPTOP BAG” right in front of them. Close it up and happily walk off.

  3. I think it’s excellent if you are on a diet. I was craving pasta and I just lost my appetite for pasta after looking at the photo of pasta being dumped into the bag.

    On the other hand, I think the bag is a great replacement for a paper bag. Silicon provide a bit of protection for fruit, sandwich. But I am not going to put my soup in there!

  4. It’s seems nice!!!
    But I am not very sure about the microwave usage, becoz there is a metal button on thee foodbag, it’s could be quiet dangerous to put the metal in the microwave.

  5. @Janet
    thanks for the addition 🙂
    So the kind of metal on the foodbag is safe ? I am trying to find the answer coz I didn’t see any information on Unikia neither on Compleat. I tried to leave a msg on the FB fan page of Unikia, but didn’t get the answer back.
    I bought a dozen of foodbags as gifts to my family and friends and I want they to have a safe usage. So if u have a sure information source I will be so appreciate!

  6. @Bibi I know that certain types and uses are supposed to be safe, but I personally haven’t tried it. I saw in the information page that they were putting it directly in the microwave, but I don’t have a sure source of information. Even if you don’t decide to put it directly in the microwave, it would be nice to use for salads or just as a sturdy lunch bag that won’t leak through the bottom.

  7. Thanks for the information.
    I saw the clip too, it will be even perfect if we could microwave it, how convenient it is!
    I think I will wait for the reply from Unikia or Compleat for sure!
    But you re right, it’s nice enough to use it just as a pretty and eco container

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