Freeze your own treats in these plastic zipper bags

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When I was a kid, my sisters and I loved frozen treats that we called Icicles.  There’s a similar treat available now called Otter Pops.  I’m not sure what those ice-pops were made from, but I’m pretty sure it was nothing but sugar and artificial color and flavorings.  With Zipzicle Pouches, you can serve your kids (or yourself) refreshing ice-pops made of healthier, natural ingredients and fewer artificial ingredients.  You’ll find a variety of recipes at Zipzicle, so you can control the amount of sugar and make sure to avoid any allergenic ingredients.  Simply mix up the recipe, then pour it into the Zipzicle bags for freezing.  Zipzicle bags have zipper closures and strong, reinforced sides.  They are BPA-free, and they have no sticks or other small parts to lose or to present a choking hazard.  The bags are made of high quality freezer-grade material that’s strong enough to hold up to re-use, and they are recyclable when you’re ready for a new set of bags.  They come in a set of 12 bags, each holding 2.5 ounces.  They have a writable label area so you can identify the flavor of the ice-pop – especially important when you make some flavors for the kids and more potent versions for the adults.  A package of 12 Zipzicles is $2.99.

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