HookUp quick release mini clip lets you easily swap out items on your keychain

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So, you like to carry all sorts of gadgets and gizmos on your key chain. You know the mini flashlight, the flash drive, even a USB to Micro USB charger. The problem is not carrying these items, but removing them from your key chain when you want to use them.The HookUp, a Kickstarter project from Magnus Macdonald and Cogent Industries hopes to be the solution to that problem. The HookUp quick release mini clip is a grade 5 Titanium clip approximately 1.181 inches long x 0.078 inches thick and weighs 0.038 ounces that makes it easy to attach and remove items from your key chain or anything else you want to clip things too. The HookUp features a unique lever design that allows easy removal from whatever it is attached to. The Titanium material it is made out of means it should not lose its tension so it will not come off accidentally. The HookUp has several pledge options with a $29 ($35 NZD) getting you one HookUp with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Funding for this project runs through July 15, 2014 and if successful will ship in the September 2014 time frame.

3 thoughts on “HookUp quick release mini clip lets you easily swap out items on your keychain”

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  2. $29 is WAY too expensive for this functionality. I would pay a few dollars but but this is seriously overpriced.


  3. @David Grant I guess I would say that it is worth what folks are willing to pay. I did notice that this project was funded very quickly and I believe this is in part to the project creators reputation for high quality items. It all boils down to what you are willing to pay…

  4. @Larry Geisz

    You’re correct of course. I expressed my opinion as if it was revealed truth. Should have been clearer as to opinion vs. fact. Still wouldn’t pay this much for the item but clearly others feel differently.

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