Organize what you need organized with the Beauty Bar Deluxe


Okay, the Etsy shop lists this as a makeup and beauty product organizer, but you could also use it as a desk organizer, a bedside organizer for your pocket stuff and little doodads, in the kitchen, or even in a tool or craft room.  In addition to little cubbies and compartments to store your gadgets, gizmos, gear, or potions, there’s also a slot on the top to hold your tablet so that you can watch instructional videos to learn how to use your stored stuff, or just to watch a movie, listen to music, or as a charging stand.  The Beauty Bar II Deluxe: Makeup & Cosmetic Organizer with iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air Slot is $59 from RusticFoxOutpost.  They also have a slightly smaller Beauty Bar for $49.

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  • Sandee Cohen June 4, 2014, 8:08 am

    I don’t need this product, but I am thrilled to see a “Beauty Bar” product that isn’t pink, lacy, frilly, etc.

    Obviously someone looked at an ordinary laptop/iPad workstation and said, “Hey, let’s market this as a makeup organizer.”

    Well done!

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