Let geeRaf tame your headphone cables


We’ve all been there, we stick our earbuds in our ears, turn on our favorite music, start enjoying the tunes and then an earbud falls out of your ear just when the song was at the best part. Headphones falling out of ears at the worst moment isn’t a new problem, but a new solution to that problem is the geeRaf. The geeRaf is a unique earphone cable management accessory that is made of stainless steel with laser-welded connections. The cords to your headphones wind around the neck-worn geeRaf to provide strain relief on the cords so that twisting your head, waving your arms, running, bending and stooping motions won’t pull the headphones out of your ear accidentally. geeRafs come in several colors and five sizes that will fit everyone from kids to thick necked sumo wrestlers.

For more info on this product visit geeRaf.com or to order visit Grand St (affiliate link – cheaper than going through geeRaf’s site) where they are available for $20 each.

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