Spin Chill turns a warm beverage into a cold beverage in only 60 seconds


When you’re hot and thirsty, the first thing you think of that will fix the situation is a cold drink. Maybe an ice cold soda or a beer… But what if the only beverages available are at room temperature. Sure, you can pour them over ice, but that usually results in a watered down flavorless drink – ick. Two young guys from Florida with a mechanical engineering background decided to solve the problem by creating the Spin Chill. The Spin Chill is a battery operated “drill” that attaches to the top of a soda can, beer can, or bottle. You then set the beverage in a container of ice with some water and turn it on to start the spinning. Sixty seconds later you have a cold drink through a process called convection. And no, the can or bottle won’t explode when you open it to take a sip. The Spin Chill uses 4 AA batteries for easy hands free operation and is priced at $29.99.

For more info or to order a Spin Chill, visit http://spinchill.com

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  2. This looks like a “cool” gadget! I’m sure it will be helpful to some people, and though it seems like a lot of money for instant cold, sometimes you just want what you want when you want it.

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