Manage your lights from your living room or from anywhere in the world

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Belkin has announced some connected light bulbs in their WeMo home automation line, but they have been “coming soon” for a long time now.  I discovered some other internet-connect LED bulbs while checking on the status of the Belkins recently.  The Connected by TCP smart lighting system consists of 11W LED bulbs, a gateway to connect them to your home network, and a remote control.  You can control the lights with the remote or with an Android or iOS app.  You can connect up to 250 bulbs to a gateway, and you can control individual bulbs or by groups, schedule them, control them manually, and dim them while you’re at home or from halfway around them world.  Prices vary from $28 for a single 11W bulb, to $55 for two bulbs and a remote control, to $143 for three bulbs, a gateway, and a remote control.  Learn more at the TCP website.

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