RUNNUR – a shoulder bag for your gear minus the bag


I’m getting ready to go on a vacation / road trip and you know what that means when you’re a gadgeteer… It means it’s time to figure out what gear to bring on the trip. Which computer to bring, tablet, notebooks, cameras, and of course, which bag to carry it all in. I already have the main gear bag choice nailed down, but I’m still trying to figure out which bag I want to use when we’re out seeing the sites. I’m not a backpack person, and normally carry a small-ish messenger bag or other shoulder bag large enough to carry just the bare essentials like my phone (currently a Samsung Galaxy Note 2), Field Notes notebook, pen, lip balm, mints, possibly a small camera and my wallet. While surfing for gear bag ideas, the RUNNUR Hands Free Carry-All caught my attention. The RUNNUR is an ergonomic cross-body pack that organizes everyday essentials along a comfortable, accessible strap featuring over eight compartments. There are pockets for cash, ID/credit cards, phone, camera, glasses, water bottle, and tools; plus a secret pocket for a passport or valuables and a carabiner for keys or an extra water bottle.The RUNNUR also meets all stadium and theme park bag size requirements, which makes is perfect for all events where larger bags are no longer allowed.

The RUNNUR is available in six sizes and a variety of colors. It can be purchased on for $45.

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  • Joe 6pack May 19, 2014, 7:05 am

    … and the baldric joins the 21st century. All it needs is a covertec for my lightsaber

  • Betty Widerski May 19, 2014, 11:46 am

    They also have a “ShowRunnur” for tech crews that adds a tool pouch: Looks like it may be custom order only, but that’s something I’d like.

  • Andy Jacobs May 22, 2014, 8:43 am

    I actually have one of these. My mom has one that I used last summer while mountain biking and it worked pretty well for carrying a few items. I commented on it and of course my mom, being Mom, gave me one for Christmas.

    Stay tuned, a review may be coming… 😉

  • K Costello October 30, 2015, 1:47 pm

    I purchased mine Feb 2012 because my purse was stolen, and I just could NOT go back to a purse. Here is how I use mine: ID pocket is DL and ins cards. Pocket Cash, credit: I use for cash, the ‘guts’ of my checkbook, and misc bs cards. Pocket Phone: I use for wet wipes. Pocket camera/wallet: I keep my manicure case. Inside pocket for Passport: I use to hold my hubby’s check book. Next side ~ Pocket glasses: too tight for glassware, so I use it to hold a zippered IFD-protected case that holds my credit cards. Very tight, so I use a band to secure the velcro. Pocket tools/snacks: I use to hold chapstick, mints and a soft-leathered case for my work keys. Pocket for water. Holds 16.9 oz water, or a small brush, or my sunglasses. Very efficient and worth the money!

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