SCOTTeVEST SeV Sterling Jacket for women review

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Working in IT for my day job and being a gadget fan, I carry a lot of gear each day.  I’ve always admired the many reviews for SCOTTeVEST here on the-gadgeteer and now finally get a chance to do a review myself!  Spring season is upon us here in New York, so this looked like the perfect jacket to try in the mix of cool and mild weather.  Let’s take a look at the SCOTTeVEST Sterling Jacket for women!Note: Images can be clicked on to view a larger size.
SeV-Sterling-Jacket-Review-02First thing to note about the Sterling jacket is that it comes with 23 hidden pockets.  This is awesome to me since there are many days where I just want to run out the door with my wallet and cell phone, and not need to worry about my bag, to run a quick errand.  It’s made of a Cotton/Nylon blend, and is lightweight – good for mild fall/spring weather and light drizzle outside.


Since I’ve never ordered a SCOTTeVEST gear before, I wasn’t sure of the size. I decided to try a Large, which was the size I use currently for my coats, but turns out it was too snug to zip up by the time I added all my gadgets into the pockets. Women’s sizing is always tricky, so I’d say if you’d like to be safe, order a size up.  The sleeve length was fine, as was the length of the jacket, which hit the top of my hip.  For reference I’m 5’4″ and roughly a size 12/14 top.



As I mentioned, there are 23 pockets all around the jacket. A very clever feature is that on the left (red zipper) there is an RFID blocking pocket.  This is perfect for keeping your passport, phone or anything else that carries a frequency, safe from malicious activity around you.


On the right side, yet more pockets with room for eyeglasses, another mobile phone or tablet, and various items.


The sleeves of the Sterling jacket zip off if you’d like to wear this as a vest. Very convenient and multipurpose.



There is a cool key ring holder that extends out, as well as a water bottle loop inside the right pocket.


Here is a closer view of the couple of zips and RFID blocking pocket on the inside left of the jacket.


There is an awesome little pocket for eyeglasses or sunglasses, including a cleaning cloth.  I’m always looking for my cleaning cloth when I wear my glasses out and find this super useful!


A closer look at the jacket – near the neck you can see the cord management loop for your headphones.


I really like this pocket – you can literally have something “up your sleeve”.  Great for cash or credit cards.


I’ve looped in my earbuds (connected to my Nexus 4) and love how snug they stay put inside the jacket.


I’ve added my wallet and small Canon point-and-shoot camera, because, hey, I can!


On this side I can fit my Nexus 7, Kindle paperwhite and battery pack.


…or if I want to, my ENTIRE iPad 4th gen!  The pocket is seriously huge.

In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t carry all of the gear that I demonstrated in the photos in this review (such as the iPad), since it’d be so heavy, but it’s pretty neat that it’s possible.  The weight of it all would just drag me down. I really wish I had this jacket when I used public transportation and traveled frequently a few years ago.  Using this for day trips into the city or when running out of the house and not needing to take my handbag with me was really convenient.  The material feels great and really sturdy for holding all of that weight that is hidden in the pockets. I also like the simple design of the jacket, and it’s inconspicuous when stuffed with your gear.

The SeV Sterling Jacket for Women is available for $150 and in a range of colors – black, beige, fog, navy, red and boysenberry. Sizes range from small to “Marilyn” – see size chart on the SCOTTeVEST website for details.


Product Information

  • lightweight material
  • comfortable
  • 23 hidden pockets
  • sizing runs a little small
  • pricey

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  2. I have two ScotteVest garments (QUEST Vest and Expedition) with the Brad Thor Alpha jacket on pre-order. They really are super handy when traveling (no need for carry-on baggage). I highly recommend them.

  3. Great review, love how in-depth it is! Emmi Buck from SCOTTEVEST here and just wanted to say thanks for the support! We don’t focus on traditional advertising so word-of-mouth suggestions and reviews like this mean a lot! Thanks!
    [email protected] for any PR/Communications Qs or needs!

  4. Elizabeth – I think you’ve made a point (that I hope Emmi takes back to the home shop) regarding the sizing. I’m a couple of sizes up from you, and I have to buy the men’s sizes of ScotteVest products, which is a little disappointing.

    Good to see they replaced the velcro on the cord holders – it’s my biggest annoyance about my ScotteVest. Might be time to buy a new one!

  5. So how do people wear these vests or jackets?

    If I am going fishing, which I haven’t in a long time, I can see the usefulness of a fishing vest, as it tends to not add much insulation, so I have the freedom to layer according to the weather.

    With a jacket like this, what do I do when it gets warmer, like when I am in an office which tends to be kept at temperature comfortable for a single layer of clothing. If I take the jacket off, I end up having to carry it around because I need the stuff it carries.

    Just curious.

  6. Psssst… FYI: SALE on SCOTTEVEST May 1-May 8, 2014 with code MOM2014. Mother’s Day Sale 30% off 6 top women’s items and 50% off international shipping! Give mom fashionable and functional pockets this Mother’s Day with discount code MOM2014. I’m getting my mom the 18-pocket Women’s Trench for her trip to Europe in August!

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