Kamerar KamPro Handle Kit review

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kampro handle kit-01The GoPro action cameras are synonymous with capturing exciting video.  But what if you want to hold the tiny camera instead of strapping to your helmet or the handlebars on your bike?  The Kamerar KamPro Handle Kit is a flexible and clever way to do just that.

kampro handle kit-02

Inside the KamPro Handle Kit is a neatly arranged series of parts that can be pieced together to suit your handheld needs.

kampro handle kit-03

Comes with the handle, hot-shoe adapter, two arms, threaded knobs and smartphone holder.

kampro handle kit-04

The supplied handle is coated in a soft-touch paint that provides a bit of grip.

kampro handle kit-05

Out of the box, the handle comes with this strange looking plate.  It’s a hotshoe adapter.  What for?  Keep reading.

kampro handle kit-06

The handle has a red dial that unscrews the adapter.

kampro handle kit-07

The most basic setup:  GoPro attached (frame mount not included).

kampro handle kit-08

Now, what do you do with all those bits that come in the box?  I put together this rig using the smartphone holder.  Why?

kampro handle kit-09

With the GoPro wifi app (iPhone shown here) you now have a viewfinder for your GoPro.

kampro handle kit-10

Let’s add a few more parts!  Here, the GoPro is inverted for a lower orientation.

kampro handle kit-11

What if you want to take a selfie?  No problem.

kampro handle kit-12

Presto!  Now you record yourself and make sure you’re in frame.

kampro handle kit-13

Speaking of frames, the included smartphone holder is spring-loaded and opens to 3″ wide.

kampro handle kit-14

There is a little rubber pull tab that makes opening and closing a little easier.

kampro handle kit-15

Remember that hotshoe mount?  Well, here’s a GoPro attached to my Fuji X-E2. (link to Mark’s review)

kampro handle kit-16

kampro handle kit-17

The hotshoe adapter has a locking nut that holds it securely in place.

kampro handle kit-18

If you really want to go nuts, the smartphone holder also works, too.  I really don’t know why you’d want to do this, but you can!

I had no idea a simple handle kit could have so many interesting ways to play.  The Kamerar KamPro Handle Kit is going into my collection of problem-solving tools for my GoPro needs.


Product Information

  • GoPro camera with case or frame mount (not included)
  • Gives you many handheld options for the tiny GoPro
  • An extra thumb screw nut would have been nice. I've already lost one, but that's my own fault!

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