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You know Wil Wheaton, right?  He’s an actor famous for playing Gordie in Stand by Me, Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and many more, including a slightly evil(er?) version of himself on The Big Bang Theory.  He’s also a writer and a gamer, and the host and co-creator of a web show called TableTop.  If you enjoy playing board games, you probably already know about this show that’s published on Felicia Day’s YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry.  They’ve produced two seasons of TableTop, and they’re looking to take the production of the show independent for season 3.  They are raising funds on Indiegogo until May 10, 2014 (11:59pm PT), and they’ve already reached about 60% of their original goal of $500,000 to produce a 15-episode season.  If they reach $750,000, they’ll produce five more episodes for season 3; reaching $1,000,000 will allow them to produce a second show featuring a season-long campaign in an RPG, played by Wil and some of his friends.  A pledge of only $15 grants you access to a backers-only video diary of the filming of the third season; $300 gets you a shout-out from either Felicia Day or Wil filmed on the TableTop set; $750 nets you a poster from each episode, signed by Wil and the cast; and $10,000 gets you a day hanging out with the cast and crew during filming of an episode.  There are many other pledging levels, but some of them have limited numbers of slots, and some of those have been completely claimed.  Learn more about how you can help get TableTop Season 3 created on the Indiegogo site.

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