Forget carrying individual device chargers

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Having to carry individual AC chargers for each of your mobile devices can take up a lot of room and add a lot of weight to your gear bag.  With the Aluratek 6-port USB Charging Station with Surge Protection, you can charge up to six USB-chargeable devices simultaneously.  Each of the six ports can produce 2.1A for charging, and the total draw for charging multiple devices simultaneously is 7.5A.  The Aluratek charging station includes a surge protector, with built-in fireproof circuit protection.  You’ll have to supply your own charging cables.  The 6-port USB Charging Station with Surge Protection is $49.99 at Aluratek.

3 thoughts on “Forget carrying individual device chargers”

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  2. OK, wow.

    I work at trade shows with iPads and other power-hungry mobile devices.

    “Wall-wart management” is always an issue in the tight confines of a booth, this could have / will make life a little easier.

  3. I sure wish these powered USB chargers also worked as powered USB hubs. I have to carry 2 things with me. Would be even more valuable if it also had at least one traditional power plug (although it would then be larger). That would reduce 3 items to 1.

  4. wow 50€!
    i got a 7amp (35W) 6-ports usb charger for 15$ on dealextreme, if you wanna spend 45$, the ORICO brand has a couple 7 ports models that are also hubs !

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