A big name for a small device, the FAVI Swivel Screen Portfolio Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

FAVI Case-1

Ok, I realize not everyone is as enamored with the iPad as I am, but since it is my tablet device of choice, I do like to present interesting options and accessories for it when I find them. The FAVI Swivel Screen Portfolio Case with Bluetooth keyboard (hence forth known as the FAVI case) is my latest find. I know there are several clam shell keyboard type cases on the market for iPads, but this one is unique in the way it is designed. The FAVI case is designed to be three separate sections that all integrate into one to make the case a compact laptop like setup. The FAVI case consists of a Bluetooth keyboard, an iPad Air case and a stand that connects all the sections together. The key features are as follows:

  • Conveniently designed Folio case features a detachable Bluetooth keyboard
  • Fully adjustable/detachable rotating stand makes it simple to setup and reassemble
  • Swissor-switch keys are quieter and require little force to press
  • Long battery life allows 80 hours of continual use or 70 days standby time
  • Built-in battery is lithium ion and rechargeable
  • Colorful options available in gold, black and silver

Made out of ABS plastic and weighing one pound the 9.65″ x 7.40″ x 1.06″ case would make a great travel companion. At a price of $39.99 from FAVI, this looks like a worthy contender in the iPad keyboard case market.

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