Keep your music files in this guitar


Not everybody uses flash drives any more, but if you do, this is a cute option for you to consider.  The USB Wooden Guitar Keychain Flash Drive is designed to hang on your keychain, so it’s always at the ready.  It’s available in 2GB ($14), 4GB ($15), 8GB ($17), 16GB ($23), or $32GB ($33) capacities.  This USB 2.0 drive is compatible with Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), Linus 2.4, and Mac OS X (latest version).   It measures only 3.2″ X 1.3″ X 0.4″ and weighs only 0.6 ounce, so you’ll hardly notice it on your keyring until you need it.  It would be a clever method for backing up or transporting your music files.  The USB Wooden Guitar Keychain Flash Drive is available from Brando.

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