Have you noticed what small fonts are in use today?

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Does it seem like everything is printed with the tiniest fonts possible these days?  Or maybe as my Dad used to say, perhaps your arms are getting too short to hold things far enough away for you to see details?  If you are finding it hard to see details, regardless of your reason, you may find the Satechi ReadMate LED Desktop Magnifier will help you see what you’ve been missing.  You can either hold it up to the object to be examined, or you can lay it flat on the surface and look at objects under 5X magnification.  It has three bright LEDs to illuminate the object of interest.  It’s powered by two lithium-ion batteries (first set is included), and it has a power switch on the bottom so it doesn’t get turned on accidentally.  It’s small enough to take with you, and it comes with a zippered pouch for protection while its in your gear bag.  It’s available in red, black, blue, or gold.  The Satechi ReadMate LED Desktop Magnifier is normally $29.99, but it’s available from Satechi now for $19.99.

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