Misfit Wearables starts offering shirts and socks with pockets for the Shine tracker


Misfit Wearables has just introduced their new line of Shine compatible clothing which includes t-shirts and socks. The Misfit Classic Tees and Super Dry Sport Socks feature specially designed pockets that are perfectly sized to hold a Misfit Shine activity tracker. The 100% cotton t-shirts have the pocket located on sleeve and have been designed with fade resistant colors, premium stitching and no scratchy neck tags. The cotton blend socks have the pocket located in the cuff and offer additional padding under foot for extra comfort which is great for runners and walkers alike. The Misfit Wearables Super Dry Sport Socks are available in packages of two (in either black or black & grey) for $29.99 or $69.99 for a package of six. The unisex t-shirts are available in five colors and are priced $24.99 individually or in packages of three and ten for $64.99 and $189.99 respectively. Too spendy for my tastes, but if you’re so inclined visit Misfit Wearables for more details or to order.

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