Custom hometown jigsaw puzzle


Simply Personalized has a great gift idea for jigsaw puzzle lovers.  This puzzle is only 400 pieces and it’s only 18″ X 12″ when completed, but what makes it special is its subject matter.  To order this puzzle, you simply enter a complete street address.  The Personalized USGS Map Hometown Jigsaw Puzzle ($39.99) picture is an map of your special location – your home, where you got married, where your child was born, or just your favorite place to visit.  Your specified address is centered, and the puzzle covers about 2.5 miles north-south and 3.5 miles east-west of the specified address.  If you’d prefer, there’s a Personalized Satellite Image Photo Jigsaw Puzzle ($49.99) version available that covers about 1 mile north-south and 1.5 miles east-west of the specified address.  Both puzzles are available from Simply Personalized.

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