Get your iPad Air or Mini to stick around with the MagBak iPad mount

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Last year I posted news on the MagBak magnetic mounting system for iPads. Alex Baca is at it again for a new MagBak project on Kickstarter – the MagBak for the iPad Air and Mini. Like the original, this version is composed of silicone covered adhesive pads with embedded magnets. This design allows you to stick your iPad Mini or Air to just about any metal surface. The MagBak pads are designed to be soft and non-slip, great for keeping your Air or Mini in place on smooth surfaces. Unlike the original version which had a metal o-ring that could be stuck to non-metal surfaces to allow you to mount your iPad, the Air/Mini version comes with the MagStick to allow you to stick your iPad to non metallic surfaces. You may be wondering why it was necessary to create a new project for the MagBak. With the new models and smaller sizes of the new iPads it was necessary to re-design and test the MagBak to be able to work with them. Available in blue, grey or black, the MagBak has several funding options with a $29 pledge getting you a MagBak of your color choice for the iPad Mini or Air and one MagStick. Funding for this project runs until April 16, 2013 and if successful will start shipping in the May 2014 time frame. For more info or to pledge, visit their Kickstarter page.

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