This sleek, simple desk hides a lot of storage

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This sleek, modern desk will look at home in your home office or in your family room.  The Hollow-core ‘Connect-It’ White 48″ Tablet Desk‘s  simple design makes it look like a minimal work table for your laptop or tablet, but it opens up to reveal a lot of storage and functionality inside.  It has a silver metal frame and a matte white body that conceals storage space for books and papers, a compartment for a power strip, and an organized compartment for storing your mobile gadgets as they charge.  A clear area in the table top allows you to see your gadgets as they charge.  Close it up, and you have a great desk for your laptop or tablet.  It measures 48″ wide X 28″ deep X 31″ tall.  It’s available for $333.99 at at the time of this writing, but their prices do change frequently.

4 thoughts on “This sleek, simple desk hides a lot of storage”

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  2. It is nice, but I’m still using that elfa desk I put together while we were still in the old place. You should ask about reviewing a Varidesk I posted about last year. You add it to your existing desk and use it while sitting or standing.

  3. The biggest drawback I see to this desk is that you have to keep the top uncluttered in order to get inside easily. For those of us with “fill-the-empty-space” disease, that would be hard! But it is nice.

  4. It looks nice, but ergonomically I don’t think it is a good design. Let me explain.

    When you sit and type, your forearms should be low enough to prevent straining your shoulder, and you feet should be flat on the ground or whatever foot rest you use.

    The typing surface is too high in the picture. How do I know? Because I have spent quite a bit of time designing a desk for myself. If you a allow room for a drawer below the typing surface, then unless you add a keyboard drawer at the lowest possible position, you would have to raise your shoulder to type.

    If you don’t believe me, try this. Sit on a chair at the level you are comfortable with for typing. Now put your hands on your thighs. Notice how your arms are almost parallel to the ground? That is more or less your neutral position. Raise them too much and you will strain your shoulder. What that means is the little space between your knees and how much you are willing to raise your arms when typing is what available for the extra compartment like what in the desk here.

    So I think it’s a nice desk, for people who don’t use a computer.

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