To be or to bespoke…

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On a daily basis I utilize a number of “Everyday Carry” items and each day I continue my quest for additions to my EDC collection. Enter Bespoke Post. They have hit the ground running in the newish phenomenon of subscription boxes. We used to be able to just get meats and cheeses on a monthly basis. Then the wines of the month-type clubs joined the fray. Now we have customized subscription services providing a wide assortment of unique goods from nerdy toys to fine accessories or specialized shaving equipment.

Each month Bespoke Post offers what they refer to as a “Box of Awesome” and the first edition to reach my grubby little hands certainly lives up to that title.

Opening the box reveals a handy brochure describing the high quality, American made contents included in each box. This one includes:

• A Leather Valet Tray by Bespoke Post
• A Leather Key Fob by Makr
• A Solid Cologne by Alfred Lane
• Two Notebooks by Word.
• “Business Cards” by Two Words Period

The Box of Awesome is available for $45.00 per month at

4 thoughts on “To be or to bespoke…”

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  2. I just did something stupid/good.
    Looking at the offering of a leather valet tray in the review, I grabbed a random piece of leather out of my junk box and put snaps at the corners like you see in the review image. I staggered the snaps so that when the leather is folded, the snaps meet their mates and the leather remains folded.
    The random shape came-out exactly such that when folded through the short length, the leather tray exactly trapped a Field Notes notebook. The overlap allows for a pen to be clipped on the Field Notes notebook and protected by the leather scrap/valet tray.

  3. …i’m not going to lie. I had a similar thought; “I could build that”. In this case I think it’s worth the scratch to get the variety of items they offer.

    By the way…Ikearat… I take it your a an “Ikea hacker”? I recently built an eight foot wide desk using and Ikea counter top and some stainless steel legs. I don’t think I will ever buy a normal desk again!

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