This humidifier looks at home in any room


There was some discussion on the site recently about using a humidifier to help reduce stuffy noses during dry winter months.  I always hesitate to use humidifiers because I think that they’ll leave a puddle on the furniture they sit upon because the warm, wet air they exhale will cool and condense too quickly.  This Humidifying Tower from Hammacher Schlemmer not only doesn’t look like a cutesy penguin, which would work well in a nursery but not so well in the living room, but rather like some speaker docks I’ve seen.  It emits a cool mist that evaporates quickly into the air, so you won’t see a puddle of water on the floor around it.  It’s designed for a 650 sq-ft room, and it has a 91 ounce water tank that holds enough water for 20 hours between refills.  It has three humidity levels and a remote control.  It’s $299.95.

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  • Julie Strietelmeier February 19, 2014, 1:05 pm

    That looks pretty nice. I wonder how quiet it is… I’m still going to check into adding a whole house unit to my furnace so that I won’t need to change water, etc.

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