A bird of a different color – the Pelikan M250 DUO Highlighter fountain pen

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pelikan classic-m205-duo-highlighter

I will admit that I am not a fountain pen aficionado, although I am fascinated by fine writing instruments. But when I came across the Pelikan Classic M250 Duo Highlighter, I figured that I had either come across the ultimate stroke of genius or a “what the heck?” moment as it relates to fountain pens. The pen has an extra wide BB nib size and a piston filling mechanism for the specially formulated ink that the M250 DUO Highlighter uses. The translucent pen barrel lets you see the amount of ink in the reservoir and the stainless steel nib allows for long-term durability. So, if you are looking for the ultimate, unique gift for that fountain pen lover in your life head on over to Amazon and plunk down your $104.63 right now. As an extra tidbit, this pen also comes in green highlighter version.

3 thoughts on “A bird of a different color – the Pelikan M250 DUO Highlighter fountain pen”

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  2. The Noodler’s ink goes bad after a while (it gets dark, among other things), and is not formulated for use in this pen (it’s thicker, for one thing). I used to use the Noodler ink in a cheap Sheaffer calligraphy pen, but I’ve been using this Pelikan for months now while studying for a professional designation.

    I find it to be very smooth and a pleasure to use – it almost makes me look forward to my study sessions! The screw cap and piston-fill mechanism make the pen almost airtight, so it does not dry out even if it sits unused for some time – but the ink may wind up being “jounced” out of the reservoir and into the cap if the pen is bounced around (as happened to mine, in the pen bag I carry in my briefcase).

    This pen is my second Pelikan, and I heartily recommend all their pens to anyone who enjoys fine writing instruments. I only wish that I could handwrite more, but due to hand injuries, I can’t do so very often anymore.

  3. @Shel_TK I love Pelikan pens, I have a M150 but it needs a new nib. I love the piston fill since it holds a lot of ink. I never tried the Noodler’s Highlighter ink, only the plain ones like black.

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