Add storage and extra power to your iPhone 5/5S with the new mophie space pack

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Because I have a family of three who all like new iPhones, we tend to stick with the lowest-storage model when we upgrade to keep cost under control.  That means I tend to have to watch what I load up on my iPhone 5, which means I don’t have any music on there.  It would be nice to be able to use SD cards with the iPhone, wouldn’t it?  Well, beginning in March, I won’t have to wish for extra storage for my iPhone; I can add 16 or 32 extra gigabytes of storage simply by using the new space pack for iPhone 5/5S from mophie.  The space pack promises 100% extra battery life; just flip it on, and you’ll have up to 8 hours extra talk time, 10 hours extra movie time, or 40 extra hours of music.  You can expect extra power when you need it from all mophie cases, though.  The space pack also adds extra storage to  your iPhone 5/5S, with your choice of 16 or 32GB.  The free iOS Space app “organizes all of the files on your space pack into collections that give you the best experience for each file type.”  And it “gives you quick access to collections, favorites, and recent files. Keep tabs on storage and battery usage right from the home screen.”  You can learn more about the new space pack cases on mophie.  While you’re there, you can place a pre-order for a space pack in black or white for $149.95.

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